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Benefits of Drinking Kefir After a Workout

Kefir is a unique fermented beverage that contains probiotics and other nutrients that are beneficial for many things, such as improved digestion and immunity, weight control, and building lean muscle mass. While most kefir products are cow, goat, or s… Read more [+]

How To Push Through Fitness Setbacks

  At some point everyone faces setbacks on the road to fitness. While it is easy to beat yourself up about missing a workout or hitting a weight loss plateau, it is important to keep moving forward. To get back on track, use these tips that will h… Read more [+]

8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise Regularly

Oh, exercise. We all know that we should do it, we all understand its benefits and yet so many of us struggle to make it a daily part of our lives. It’s not necessarily because we’re lazy; rather, we all deal with mental roadblocks that keep us from la… Read more [+]

4 Ways Cold Water Benefits Your Body

4 Ways Cold Water Benefits Your Body Cold Water Perks: 4 Ways It Benefits Your Body Each year on New Year’s day, thousands of Canadians clad in nothing but bathings suits and take the “polar plunge” into the freezing English Bay to celebrate the start… Read more [+]

Quick Tips to Stay FIT During the Holidays

I get it. You’re short on time and your to-do list is longer than Santa’s. You have gifts to buy, people to see and parties to attend. As you dash about town spreading your good tidings and good will while sipping cider and adding sparkle to everyone’s… Read more [+]

Put Down the Fork and Pick Up the Thanks

Want to avoid putting on your fat pants after you awake from your tryptophan stupor this Thanksgiving?  Then move on from the old-school style “gorge fest” (like licking the butter off your roll before you sop up the leftover gravy with it) and focus o… Read more [+]

Time to catch some zzzzzs

By Dr. Rafael Ramon; Acru Health: Precision Chiropractic We all know that we should get more sleep, but what is the lack of sleep actually doing to our bodies? We tend to sacrifice your sleep for friends, work, family, or the next big thing. While I ca… Read more [+]


Summer is officially here! Whether it’s poolside or during your FIT workout routine, enjoy our FIT SUMMER FEELZ playlist to jumpstart your summer jams. Chill. Vibe. & Enjoy your three day weekend!   1. Washed Out – Feel It All Around https://www.yo… Read more [+]

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