Seven Pieces of Must-Have Fitness and Gym Gear for 2017

If you are anything like me, your gym procastination sometimes takes the form of fixating over your gear. You’ll resist doing the hard work that brings results unless everything is just perfect, which of course, it never is.

You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have ever felt the following…

Is it leg day, but the squat rack doesn’t have a foam pad to protect your precious back from the feel of cold, hard steel? In your state of laziness you tell yourself that some calf raises will suffice.

Is it time for some deadlifts but forgot to bring your straps? Maybe some lat pull downs are enough for today.

The truth is that it is easy to obsess over gear you don’t actually need. And honestly, you don’t need most of it, especially if you are just getting started.

But if you are seeking to eek those extra gains, sometimes the right gear makes all the difference. Here are my seven recommendations for great pieces of gym gear that you can buy in 2017.


  1. In 2017, I can’t imagine completing a good workout without wireless headphones. Now, these are going to be more expensive than wired headphones, but they are well worth it. The last thing you need in the middle of a workout is a distraction, and if you are lifting with wires, I guarantee you that those suckers are going to get in the way at least once per session. Say goodbye to cord and cable entanglement and pick up a good pair.

    While music is a great addition to a workout that will get your blood flowing, it’s important to invest in quality headphones that are designed to minimize hearing loss. It’s common practice for gym goers to pump up the jams in their headphones to drown out whatever music is playing at the gym, but in order to completely drown out background noise you will have to play music at seriously high decibels. This causes hearing damage. Invest in quality headphones that “trap” sound more efficiently and you won’t be working out to the sound of your tinnitus down the road.


  1. Gym hoodies are a great way to get warmed up fast, and for this reason alone I highly recommend them. Hoodies have layers that trap heat to help keep you warm., which increases blood flow and reduces the risk of a strained or torn muscle. As somebody coming off a recent tendon tear, I can attest from personal experience to the importance of being warmed up. Moreover, a gym hoody will make you sweat more, and science says that sweating expels toxins and detoxifies your body.



  1. The fitness tracker is a perfect way to track your fitness progress and monitor physical activity. When buying your fitness tracker, things you should consider include price, features, and compatibility. Fitness trackers are a light, neutral addition to your wardrobe and should be worn on the wrist of your dominant hand.

    A fitness tracker will track different health indicators and fitness milestones, keeping you up to date with your workout progress. The constant update on your health goals also promotes a more consistent workout routine, as you can see the negative effects of not working out right on your wrist. Moreover, studies have shown that fitness trackers keep you more organized and motivated.

The reason I love my fitness tracker is it keeps me honest. After all, the lazy brain loves to play tricks on us. I’m consistently surprised at just how delusional I am: I’ll feel like I’m having a great week of exercise but the numbers from my fitness tracker tell me differently, and vice versa. The data don’t lie, so get a fitness tracker and keep yourself honest and accountable.


  1. A Nootropic stack is a combination of supplements that have a positive effect on your physical and mental performance. Anecdotal and scientific evidence points to nootropic stack improving motivation, focus, and concentration, for many users. There are different nootropic stacks, and you should find a combination that is perfect for you. Depending on your budget, you can mix substances to create your own nootropic or spend the cash to order a stack online. If you’re new to nootropics, the most recommend stacks are L-theanine and caffeine, racetam, and noopept with choline.


  1. The foam roller is a long and cylindrical piece of- you guessed it, foam- used to speed up muscle recovery. Foam rolling techniques are used by athletes and therapists to massage sore muscles and reduce pain, and I highly recommend them. Before you start using a foam roller, search for exercises or ask a professional for advice so that you know how to target specific muscle groups. Used correctly, a foam roller will increase flexibility, decrease tightness, and reduce muscle pain. Not bad for a piece of foam!


  1. Training tights are suitable for stretching, bending, running, jumping and almost any other fitness activity. They’re flashy and, if you are a guy, will instantly transform your look into that of a college athlete, but they are also darn comfortable. Guys usually wear shorts over their tights, whereas girls might just wear the tights as is. Benefits of wearing training tights include skin protection, maintaining muscle warmth, and better performance because of compression.


  1. Body Cardio is a health metric scale that tracks cardiovascular health. It offers precise measurements and keeps track of BMI (body mass index) as well as muscle and bone mass. If you want to monitor your health and set goals, body cardio can provide you with an overall picture of your health condition and fitness. It usually has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it is easily connected to the correlating mobile application. Then, you can have a progress report for a particular period.


Now stop reading about gear and get in the gym!

What do you think?

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