Outstanding Benefits of Water Aerobics

One of the best things about living in San Diego is year-round sunshine. It means that pool workouts are always an option! This type of workout has so many amazing benefits for your body and mind. Top aqua fitness San Diego professionals outline some of them for you!

Great alternative to cardio and ab workout

Aqua exercise is a fantastic way to build up cardio endurance, so it’s a popular alternative to the traditional cardio workout. Why? Well, when you are in cooler water, your body feels the natural need to warm up, with the blood moving faster. Team that up with fitness workout in a luxury San Diego gym, and your cardiovascular performance is sure to improve over time!

If you want stronger and well-shaped abs, aqua aerobics may be just the thing for you. How? By using the resistance that your body has to build against pool water flowing in different directions. Did you know that resistance to pool water is 4-42 times greater than resistance to air? The resistance accounts for a powerful workout for your abdomen and abs.

Low-impact exercise

Water aerobics is a great way to work out even if you’re tired. Why miss out a day of excellent workout when you don’t have to worry about falling or getting hurt? Pool water supports your body in every position, and it can also help you feel less tired because it will ‘’carry’’ most of your body weight.

And the best thing?

Pool workout means there’s no gravity putting pressure on your joints. As a result, your body can achieve a wider range of motion. That’s how you can boost your body’s flexibility through low-impact exercise in water aerobics classes and transform your life with reformer pilates.

A diverse workout

There are many different types of pool workout so you can choose the best one for you. Or you can try different workouts and make your workout routine infinitely more fun or more challenging, depending on what you want to achieve and run like the wind.

At Fit Athletic location in Carmel Mountain and Solana Beach Fit  we offer different aqua aerobics classes such as Aqua Fit and Deep Water Workout. In Aqua Fit classes, you can build your code and cardio fitness by using your body’s resistance to shallow water. In Deep Water Workout classes, you can strengthen lower and upper body by going through cardio and abdominal toning routines.

Cool down and relax

Water is incredibly efficient in alleviating stress, both physical and emotional. What’s more, as temperatures in San Diego go up, your body will feel more need to cool down. And is there a better way than taking a dip in a great outdoor pool? Fit Athletic boasts an Olympic-size pool in Carmel Mountain, as well as a rooftop pool in East Village, San Diego. Who says that workout has to be all work and no play?

Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson