Why Barre Workout Is Definitely Worth It

Most people associate ballet with graceful elegant moves, slim ballerinas and classical music. Not everyone can do ballet, right? Well, maybe not classical ballet, but it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of a ballet-inspired workout.


By joining the go-to gym in San Diego for professionally-led barre workout – Fit Athletic offers the exceptionally challenging Fit Booty Barre class in San Diego Downtown, Fit Solana Beach and Fit Carmel Mountain.

Read on to discover exactly how barre workout enhances your whole-body wellness!

With pain, there is gain

You wouldn’t normally associate ballet-inspired workout with rigorous workout, right? Fit Booty Barre is just the class to prove you wrong! Fit’s classically trained instructor Sophie Blicher will make you do a series of butt wrenching moves with all the grace and elegance of a ballerina. And once you’ve gone through a series of these positions while lifting weights, your legs will be shaking like Jell-O – and you’ll truly feel the power of barre workout.

No pain, no gain – the saying is true for barre workout. However, Sophie teaches you to enjoy the workout even if your inner legs are begging you to stop. Embrace the challenge and feel how different parts of your body react to the workout – learn to be present and feel your body.

Improve your body-mind connection with whole-body activation

In barre workout classes, you get to activate multiple muscle groups at once. A single move can involve holding, pulsing and stretching, which requires different muscles to work at the same time. For example, as you hold onto the bar with one hand, your heels are raised, legs in a diamond shape, torso angled. While the position may be targeting your quads, it requires your calves, glutes, abs and upper-back muscles to work, too.

With barre workout, you become aware of certain muscles possibly for the first time. Slowly, your mind discovers more and more about the body and connects to it in a different way. As you ‘’shed light’’ on previously undiscovered parts of your body, your mind connects to the parts better and boosts muscular activation.

Improve posture

Whatever the focus of a barre workout, all ballet-inspired workouts are sure to help you improve your posture. Think about classical ballet dancers – posture is vital. Improving posture is also connected to greater body awareness. You have to think about proper posture in each position and with each move.

Barre workout is designed specifically with posture in mind. The positions enable you to continuously engage multiple muscle groups while maintaining posture. One cannot go without the other.

Get the body of a dancer

You don’t have to do classical ballet to have the body of a ballerina. Barre workout can get you there even if you haven’t had a dance lesson in your life. In fact, you don’t have to have any dance background or rhythm, let alone to know how to do a plié. If you stay focused and never let proper posture slip your mind, you will soon be a proud owner of a well-sculpted body.

Join the Fit Booty Barre class in Downtown San Diego, Solana Beach or Carmel Mountain!

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Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson