What Makes Fit Athletic Club the Best Gym in San Diego

While whole-body wellness used to be synonymous with being in shape, we at Fit think it spans way beyond. What’s more, to make a significant lifestyle change towards whole-body wellness, it’s not enough to simply hit the gym every now and then. It requires commitment.

Equally important is the direct support and guidance you receive from a great personal trainer and other staff at the gym. What makes Fit one of the best gyms in San Diego is the fact that Fit is more than just a gym. Read on to discover exactly what we mean.

No waiting in line for workout equipment/machines

Whatever Fit location you choose (San Diego East Village, Club Fit Solana Beach or Carmel Mountain Fit centers), you can be sure that there will be no waiting around for your turn at any of the workout equipment. We value your time, and we make it a priority that you get the most out of each and every workout session. We go for quality, not quantity.

Events and social gatherings

A great San Diego gym should create a culture conducive to whole-body and mind wellness for all its members. Fit believes in cultivating a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts,  where members will share their experiences and help each other out. That’s why we organize various social events and gatherings at our locations or other locations in town.

To show you that workout doesn’t mean all work and no play, we frequently organize pool parties for our members to relax and reward themselves for their dedicated workout!

Recreation programs for the little ones

A ‘’Fit’’ family is a happy family! As one of the best and most popular gyms in San Diego, Fit has developed a program specially tailored to our youngest members. It’s important to teach the little ones to embrace a healthy lifestyle. At Fit Carmel Mountain, we do that through fun and play! Your child can do karate or ballet, or take part in other fun activities to develop healthy habits to last a lifetime!

Playcare – Fit childcare through creative play

For you to focus on your fitness needs completely, you need to have peace of mind. And we’re here to help you out! Fit Carmel Mountain and Solana Beach provide Playcare – a childcare program that engages the children through creative play. Our childcare staff makes sure your child is safe but is also having fun.

We have sauna & steam rooms, massage & chiropractic therapy, & more!

Fit boasts many outstanding and practical amenities such as Fit Café, member lounge, complimentary underground and outdoor parking, and more! Our members especially enjoy our dry sauna and steam rooms, where they can really unwind after a busy day and a great workout.

Our Carmel Mountain Ranch location also offers physical therapy – tailored programs that are aimed at easing the pain, addressing muscle imbalance or rehabilitation. Our physical therapists are certified professionals who help you get back to doing what you love and transform your life with reformer pilates.

Fit Perx

Fit Athletic has partnered with local businesses throughout San Diego as part of the Fit Perx program. Our new members can enjoy the benefits of Fit Perx and start saving 20% or more on items they’re already buying!

Our personal trainers have their own specialties

The best San Diego gym should also hire the best personal trainers. At Fit, we’re especially proud of our personal trainers, their professionalism and expertise. We hire specialists in different areas, and even have trainers specializing in boxing, golf training, holistic healing, aqua deep water aerobics and more!

Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson