Bootylicious Bootcamp

Suns out, buns out! We know you have been working on having the best asset all year long, but summer is officially here and it’s time to kick it into high gear. For the baddest butt in town incorporate these four Fit trainer suggested exercises into your workout.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Burn, baby burn! Grab a Smith machine and lower the bar down to the lowest hook and wrap one or two cushions securely around it. Assume lunge position leaving one foot on the ground and the top of the other on the bar. While keeping the body square and upright drop into your lunge. Fit trainer Scott Hoare says, that although you may see something similar done by others using a bench, “this is non-optimal as it places their pelvis in an undesirable position at the bottom of the movement.” Once this exercise becomes comfortable with body weight, grab a pair of dumbbells. Scott suggests, “Combining set structures such as 4×10 reps with a moderate weight one day as well as 4×4-6 reps with a heavy weight on another day will achieve the best booty building results.”


Walking lunges

Keep it moving with walking bodyweight and weighted lunges. From a standing position, take one step out and step down so that the lead leg forms a 90-degree angle at the thigh and calf. Make sure to sink down in a vertical fashion and drive yourself up through the heel while keeping your chest out to prevent your torso from dropping forward. Fit Trainer Eric Sax says that “Stride length is key here, a longer stride will target the hips and glutes more than a shorter stride. For a challenge, place a barbell behind your head. Really switch things up with a swoop step. Swooping the leg across the body as you take a step to target the hips. Eric suggests four sets of 20-30 lengthy strides.


Elevated Glute Bridge

Elevated Glute Bridges or what we like to call, Booty Bridges are an awesome exercise for lifting and perfecting your bikini bottom. Fit Trainer Natalie DiTerlizzi adds, “Bridges are a great way to stretch out the hip flexors while simultaneously strengthening the glutes.” First, lie down on the ground and place one foot on an elevated surface while the other leg is up towards the ceiling. “Elevating one foot allows for a bigger range of motion and will work the glutes and hamstrings,” says Natalie. Once in position, raise the hips off the ground while squeezing the glutes.


Curtsy Lunge

Flex those glutes! Fit Trainer Cleveland Haggerty’s favorite glute exercise benefits not only include a high and tight bottom, but will also help to increase your range of motion. Begin in the standing position with the kettlebell in the left hand. Move into a reverse lunge bringing the left foot behind the right while angling the hip flexors and left foot to a 45-degree angle. “This will trigger the hip flexor and gluteus to begin to engage,” says Cleveland. Return to your original upright standing position and swap the kettlebell into the other hand and repeat on the right side. Cleveland suggests 3 sets of 12 reps to get a banging booty.


*Please ask your trainer if you have the mobility to perform this exercise safely.


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