What You Need to Know before a Barre Class

If this is your first time taking up a barre class, you might just be on the verge of discovering the workout of your life! This dance-inspired workout class is proved to significantly improve posture and stamina after only a few sessions. Also, as it is inspired by ballet, barre workout can give you the body of a ballet dancer even if you have never had a professional ballet lesson in your life.

Some people might argue that barre isn’t an actual workout. All it takes is 10 minutes of Fit’s Cardio Barre session to have their heart rate up and prove them wrong. Yes, barre workout is actually a fun alternative to traditional cardio workout, if you are looking for one.

All things considered, if you’ve just signed up for a barre class in San Diego, here are the things you need to know before snagging a mat and tossing of your shoes.

Dress properly

In most barre classes, you are expected to kick off your kicks. After all, have you ever seen a ballerina dance in her running shoes? I don’t think so. Much like yoga, barre is typically done barefoot, even barre that includes cardio workout. Be sure to check on your fitness center’s website, or ask the instructor directly what you should wear. Ask in advance because maybe you would have to buy socks with small silicone pads at the bottom. Your San Diego barre studio may even sell these at their front desk.

As for clothes, it’s best to wear form-fitting clothes – clothes that lies close to your body, such as tight tops and tights. If you’re dressed in baggy workout clothes, your instructor will not be able to see your pelvic placement and body alignment as you hold different positions.

Mind the equipment

In some barre workouts, like barre with cardio elements, you will use equipment such as light weights. Upscale San Diego fitness studios such as Fit Athletic provide all the equipment you will need for a Cardio Barre Fusion class. The personal trainer will explain how you will use the weights.

Mind you, the weights you will be using may look puny, but I doubt they will seem light after even a minute of continuous movements. Start with the lightest weights, not the heaviest. And remember, the most important thing is to keep proper form. If you cannot keep proper form because your weights are too heavy, you should take it slow.

Ask questions

As mentioned above, keeping proper form is paramount. That’s why you shouldn’t be shy to ask your instructor to repeat the instruction or adjust your body in a certain position. Even though experienced San Diego instructors closely monitor each and every class member, you should feel free to ask additional questions.

Also, turn to barre class regulars for practical advice. Seasoned barre class-goers have mastered the form, so you can learn a lot just by looking at them. For example, if you are confused at the instructions for pulses when they say ‘’down and inch, up an inch’’, just take a peek at some of the class veterans to see what the form should be like.

Prepare to be exhausted!

You probably didn’t know that a barre session will focus on each muscle group individually for at least a song or two. By the end of the session, not only will your thighs tremble like Jell-O but your whole body will shake slightly. Make no mistake – barre workout, especially cardio barre, is not the type of workout to dismiss as light. Be prepared to feel exhausted – it means the workout was effective.

San Diego’s best barre workout

Fit Athletic offers different types of ballet-inspired barre workout so you can find exactly what you need. Sign up for our Fit Gym in Carmel Mountain, Downtown San Diego Club or Solana Beach Club, or do barre conditioning paired with cardio workout and yoga sculpting moves in our Cardio Barre Fusion class at Fit Solana Beach!

Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson