Become your best self at premier Little Italy fitness club

Nothing is more important than ensuring your health and well-being, and you can start doing that at the fully-equipped fitness club in Little Italy. Our exceptional facility at Fit Athletic features advanced workout equipment, outdoor training area and numerous relaxing amenities, such as the rooftop pool, sauna, hot tub and others. Whether you want to take up yoga or join a specialty group class, you should look no further than Fit Athletic’s new fitness and wellness haven in Little Italy and Mission Hills. Stop by and see for yourself!

Get fit at the Mission Hills, SD fitness gym

Whatever your fitness and wellness goals might be, there’s no doubt that our trainers can meet them. Fit Athletic is known for its state-of-the-art facilities across San Diego, from superb gyms in Mission Hills to relaxing yoga studios in Little Italy. So, rest assured that we’ve got what it takes to help you become fitter and healthier than ever.

Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified trainers who have years of experience in the field. Not only will they assist you during your training sessions, but they can also give you valuable advice and guidance when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle. With our help, you’ll finally feel happy and confident with your body!

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What does our premier fitness club in Little Italy offer?

  • Custom fitness training

    You can count on a specialized fitness plan tailor-made for your needs and personal goals. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you attain your fitness objectives.

  • Nutritional advice

    We bring you both invaluable nutritional advice and a top-notch Natural Foods café where you can buy fresh groceries or healthy meals, enriching your everyday diet.

  • Mind-body balance

    We focus not only on fitness, but also on wellness, striving to improve your body-mind balance. Our spas, saunas, and meditation classes are the place to achieve this.

  • Vibrant community

    The Fit Athletic community will make you feel like a part of the family. You can attend different events and find support for your physical and spiritual transformation.

Reach your fitness goals at the #1 gym in Little Italy

  • Rely on the best fitness instructors

    At our new fitness facilities, you will have everything you need to become stronger, fitter, more flexible and slimmer. Our competent instructors specialize in different types of training, including effective spin classes in Little Italy and challenging pilates in Bankers Hill. They can even plan your own 24-hour fitness Mission Hills, SD class schedule for maximum results. What’s more, our facilities have cutting-edge equipment that will help you achieve your optimal fitness level.

  • Relax and rehabilitate at our Mission Hills, SD fitness gym

    All of our fitness facilities will provide you with relaxation and rehabilitation areas, as well. Our training instructors focus on both your mind and body, personalizing their fitness plans to your needs. They will take into consideration your specific needs, physical conditions and possible injuries. We will take all your stress away by providing you with everything your body and mind need.

  • Get support on your transformation journey

    Once you join our community, you’ll learn what makes Fit Athletic so popular among Little Italy and Mission Hills residents. You’ll have an opportunity to socialize with individuals who share the same goals and who will encourage you to attain yours. We host fun and engaging social events and provide our loyal members with plenty of amenities. Join our Fit Athletic family!

  • Improve your diet at the Little Italy fitness club

    We focus on your general health and well-being, which requires considering your diet, too. Our professional trainers will suggest possible diet changes you can make so that you can enhance your physical transformation. We’ll also help you change your diet by providing you with healthy meals, snacks, and beverages at our fitness facilities. Count on our holistic approach to fitness and wellness!


Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson