Reach your full potential at the finest fitness club in Little Italy

Your physical and mental health should always come first. A perfect place for you to start working on these priorities waits for you at the world-class fitness club. Here at Fit Athletic Club in Little Italy, we house innovative fitness equipment and high-end spa amenities, including a steam room, sauna and massage for your maximum enjoyment. Count on our expert instructors to get you in shape in no time with the vast variety of high-intensity spin workouts we provide. Transform your body with Fit Athletic!    

Push your limits at premier cycle classes in Little Italy

Here at Fit Athletic, we strive to provide you with high-quality group exercise classes where you can reach your fitness goals with the finest instructors in the area. You can join our excellent spinning class and get fit and healthy with the guidance from our expert trainers.

Burn calories by using innovative equipment in an atmosphere of group motivation and team effort and rely on our seasoned instructors to make your path towards health and fitness immensely enjoyable. After the super-effective spinning Little Italy adores, you’ll feel lighter, faster and more confident. In addition to cycling, we also offer an impressive variety of yoga classes and the best pilates in Little Italy. Getting slimmer and stronger has never been more fun!

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What you’ll get if you choose Fit Athletic for your fitness journey

  • First-class group exercise

    Our expert trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals by guiding you through carefully planned workouts. Rely on them to push you to your limit and help you reach your optimal fitness level.

  • Smart eating solutions

    Fit Athletic gives you not only superb exercise classes, but also valuable nutritional advice and convenient and healthy meals-to-go which you can purchase in our superb Fit Café.

  • Fully balanced body and mind

    Be part of a community which encourages total wellness. Relax and unwind in our saunas and spas or take up a meditation class. We’ll help you transform the way you look, feel and perform.

  • Wonderful group environment

    Meet like-minded people and enjoy sports and social events and parties in our wonderful community. You’ll always find someone to support you on your fitness journey at Fit Athletic!

High-intensity spinning Little Italy loves

  • We recruit only the best fitness instructors

    At Fit Athletic, you’ll achieve maximum results if you rely on our highly qualified instructors with years of experience to guide you on your journey. If group classes are not your thing, rely on our professional trainers at our first-rate gym in Mission Hills to help you get started using our state-of-the-art equipment.  

  • Unwind after superb high-intensity spin classes in Little Italy, CA

    When you’re feeling drained from your spinning class, there’s nothing better than relaxing in one of our luxurious spa-like amenities. Get that perfect balance of body and mind with the help of our welcoming staff who’ll make sure you feel healthy and completely stress-free. Rest assured that they’ll consider any injuries and physical conditions you might have to give you the perfect relaxation for your body and mind.

  • Get fit in the company of like-minded individuals

    Why walk it alone when you can make wonderful friends on your fitness journey? Meet residents of Bankers Hill and Mission Beach who share your values and get support on your path towards attaining the ultimate balance of body and mind. If you become a part of our Fit community, you’ll get to attend diverse social events and enjoy the numerous perks we offer. Join us today!  

  • Get smart eating solutions at Fit Athletic

    The Fit approach is holistic and that’s why we don’t stop at delivering top-tier cycle classes in Little Italy. When you’re done with your exercise, you can improve your diet as well. Get invaluable nutritional advice from our staff or visit the Fit Café where you can find an array of healthy meals, snacks and beverages made from locally grown produce. Join us today!


Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson