We outshine other gyms in Pacific Beach, CA and Mission Beach

Our innovative fitness facility in Mission Beach is not just any gym. Fit Athletic presents an extraordinary fitness and health club with ground-breaking equipment, remarkable indoor pool with a retractable roof, and relaxation areas that include a steam room and a sauna. Exercising has never been more inspiring and effective than at our full-service premises. Once you become a member of our community, you can make the most of the included fitness and yoga classes. You’re just a step away from the best workout you could ever hope for!

Need peerless training and top gyms in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach?

You’ve found them! Fit Athletic team and facilities are just what you need to become the best version of yourself! Joining our top-notch fitness club in Mission Beach will bring you numerous perks, from highly qualified instructors to a consistent workout routine.

What’s more, we offer you an opportunity to find out what type of training suits you the most. Aside from boasting a fully equipped gym, we also offer challenging hot yoga Pacific Beach, CA classes and full-body indoor pool swim lessons in Mission Beach. With us, you get diverse, dynamic and energizing workout opportunities that will help you lose weight, build muscle mass, and relieve tension.

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Other gyms in Pacific Beach, California and Mission Beach can’t match with us

  • Offering tailored workouts

    Optimal training is the one adjusted to your goals, needs and preferences, so rely on us to give you customized workout experience.

  • Providing diet advice

    We have a winning combination: tailored training and healthy diet plans. Our advice on nutrition will bring about exceptional workout results.

  • Caring for the body & mind

    Our gyms are just the tip of the iceberg - you also get to enjoy a sauna, steam room, outdoor workouts, and yoga lessons for a body-mind balance.

  • Supporting our members

    We believe in unity, so we welcome each member to our family, offering invaluable support and organizing fun community events.

The best gyms Mission Beach, CA and Pacific Beach have to offer

  • Have unmatched training superstars by your side

    Using state-of-the-art equipment isn’t enough for achieving your fitness goals. You also need to have professional guidance and help from qualified training instructors. And at our facilities, you’ll have them! Our personal trainers are experienced, qualified and fully committed, so you’ll have exceptional support during your workouts. With their help, you’ll soon be soaking up the sun at Mission Beach or swimming at Pacific Beach feeling completely confident in your body.

  • Our Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, CA gyms are wellness-oriented

    Working out and recovery are equally important for achieving maximum fitness results. What’s more, you also need to feel rested and at peace to continue with your body transformation. We make this possible by providing you with first-rate equipment, as well as areas for recovery and rehabilitation. Our sauna, steam rooms, and yoga lessons will help you relieve stress, take care of your mind, and acquire a true sense of wellness and well-being.

  • Rely on our community for support

    Here at Fit Athletic, we appreciate our community members and strive to make them feel valued. Aside from organizing interesting events, we also offer membership benefits that will enable you to enjoy our facilities in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach to the fullest. What’s more, as a community, we’re all dedicated to helping each other overcome the challenges we come across on our journey of self-transformation. Together, we can become healthier, fitter, slimmer, and more active individuals inspired to put our well-being before anything else.

  • At our superior gyms in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, nutrition has its special place

    Our gym membership brings you yet another invaluable benefit – nutritional guidance. Our expert trainers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, so they can help you maximize the health and fitness benefits you get from your training by suggesting diet changes you need to make. An adequate diet will help you lose belly fat, build muscle, gain strength, and increase your energy levels. What’s more, plenty of nutritional snacks and beverages await you at our facilities. Let’s get your fitness program started!


Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson