What Makes a Great Corporate Wellness Program

Human resources are the most valuable resources a company has. The corporate culture has evolved to account for employee wellness and include various corporate wellness initiatives. Forward-thinking San Diego companies partner with premier health and fitness clubs like Fit Athletic to ensure the best possible corporate wellness for their employees.

As a business owner for a modern age, here are the most important aspects to consider when choosing the corporate wellness program for your employees.

Personalized group classes

A truly great corporate wellness program will be tailored to the specific needs of your employees. If they’re doing a sedentary job (as many modern employees are), the workout should be aimed at improving their posture and minimizing the effects of repetitive strain injuries.

The program should also be developed in accordance with what you, as the employer, want to achieve. Do you wish to boost team spirit? The corporate wellness program will include team spirit-boosting activities such as sports. Talk to our San Diego corporate wellness staff and tell them your goals and expectations.

Instructors come to your office

Some companies cannot afford having their employees absent for long during the day, not even to work out. Regardless of how close the fitness club is, the logistics may prove to be too much for you to handle. In this case, you should opt for a program that will include the instructors giving classes on your premises.

What’s more, the provider of corporate wellness services should take it upon themselves to run your fitness center, manage the design, staffing, equipment purchase and marketing to your employees.

Locations closest to you

If you find it more convenient for your employees to work out in the local fitness center, you should find the one that offers the best fitness and wellness program and is closest to your office. In this way, the employees can easily work out during the breaks.

All-encompassing corporate member experience

Some corporate wellness fitness centers offer full access to their locations not only to your employees but their families as well. That is an additional incentive that can make your employees more eager to join in the corporate wellness program.

For example, Fit Athletic guarantees full access to the following locations: Fit East Village, Fit Carmel Mountain Ranch, Fit Solana Beach and Fit Mission Beach, cardio barre San DiegoDowntown San Diego club spin classes in addition to your private corporate wellness center.

Instructors with their own specialties

Before you choose a corporate wellness program, ask about the instructors’ specialties. Do they have relevant certification and experience in fitness activities your employees need the most? What’s their track record with corporate fitness programs? These are vital questions to consider.

Fit Athletic boasts instructors with their own specialties and relevant certification in a variety of whole body and mind wellness, and we assign only the San Diego instructors with relevant specialties to your corporate wellness program.

More than just a corporate fitness program

Corporate wellness should go beyond body fitness. You should encourage your employees to spend time working on their whole body and mind wellness. That in mind, the corporate wellness program you choose should account for social events as well. By going an extra mile, you will have happier employees who are more satisfied with themselves and, in turn, their job.

Fit Athletic cultivates a country club-like atmosphere which we integrate in our corporate wellness programs. We have a well-thought-through system in place, developed over the years of practicing the inspired living philosophy.

If you are looking for an outstanding San Diego fitness center with an excellent track record in executing corporate wellness programs, look no further than Fit Athletic. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your company.

Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson