Why Dance Workout Is Great for Your Health

With the popularity of competitive dance shows like Dancing With the Stars, more and more people wanted to get off their couch and dance themselves. Still, many think that dance is just for fun and doesn’t really qualify as workout. I would be interesting to see them persist in that argument when they see the level of fitness, flexibility and stamina of a hip hop dancer.

Dance workout classes are becoming increasingly popular throughout San Diego. Classes like Cardio Barre Fusion, Cardio Hip Hop, Just Dance! and Zumba are among Fit’s most sought-after classes. It’s no wonder why – they provide an amazingly rewarding workout in a fun and relaxed way.

Let’s take a look at the real health benefits of taking up a dance workout class in a trusted San Diego fitness center.

Enhanced muscle activation

Dancing is a full-body aerobic workout. As opposed to running or cycling, it doesn’t activate only your leg muscles, but different muscle groups in your body. Depending on the type of dance fitness class you choose, you will do different combinations of high and low-impact movements.

Most dance classes require building your core, since it’s the part of your body that almost always works when you dance. Apart from that, the movements require you to alternate between using your legs, glutes or arms more. Whatever group of muscles you focus on in your San Diego dance class, the rest of the body is active as well!

Muscle toning

Dance workout is excellent for muscle toning without using weights. It’s especially beneficial for firming and toning your legs, glutes and obliques. Check out different dance workout gyms in San Diego to see which one has the class that would fit your best.

For example, Fit’s Fit Booty Barre class will challenge your derrière and legs and help you get that pop-out booty you’ve always wanted, all the while improving posture through a series of ballet-inspired moves. Also, Zumba step workouts typically include weights so you can build muscles in your arms, legs and glutes.

Weight regulation

Did you known that dance workout is found to be as efficient at helping you lose weight as jogging and cycling? It’s simple really – when you’re dancing, your heart rate goes up, and is kept at that level for a period of time. During the cardio dance workout, your body burns fat faster and easier. There are very few breaks during a dance fitness session, which is why this type of workout is among the most fat-burning ones.

Improved balance and coordination

Dancing workouts in a good San Diego fitness center requires a lot of different movements while maintaining posture. The more frequently you work out, the better body control your will gain. This is especially beneficial for aging adults who struggle with coordination as they age.

Memory boost

Apart from instilling grace, dance workouts can also help you age gracefully. The minute you start moving to the beat, the sensory and motor circuits in your brain are activated. Since it’s a new activity where you learn new steps and techniques, you activate your memory to integrate new knowledge with the existing one. All of these activities happen spontaneously when dancing and they do wonders for brain power.

Choose a dance workout class at one of Fit’s locations

From Cardio Barre Fusion to Cardio Hip Hop, Fit Athletic has got just the type of dance fitness class you need. Our bikram yoga classes in San Diego Downtown, Solana Beach gym club and Carmel Mountain gym club locations all offer dance workout and ashtanga yoga– reach out to us to find out more about each and grab your Fit Day Pass to try these amazing classes out for free!



Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson