Dos and Don'ts of Finding Love at the Gym

It’s every fitness-savvy singleton’s dream to be a part of that in-shape, head turning gym couple everyone envies. And what better place to meet like-minded, good-looking individuals than at the gym? But beware, there’s definitely wrong and right ways of going about finding your fitness “One”. When looking for love on the gym floor or before/after class, use these tips and you’re sure to land your dream swollmate.

DO Be Outgoing and Patient
Ladies and gents this goes for both of you; say “hello”, smile a few times and give the other person time to begin recognizing you as a familiar face. Fit trainer Becky Underwood says, “The gym is a huge meat market and personally when I’m training – I’M TRAINING! If you’re interested in someone, you should gather the courage to say hi, ask for the person’s name, then walk away and leave it at that. Next time you see that person don’t be afraid to say hi again (make sure to use their name for brownie points) and ask what their plans are for that weekend. Keep it simple. Don’t cling on during a workout, it’s awkward.” At the end of the day, nothing will make you stand out more than presenting your genuine awesome self. Be patient and let the relationship evolve over time.

DON’T Lurk
Ever feel like someone’s watching? It’s because most likely someone is, and if that somebody is you – you will get caught. The gym is a very vulnerable place to many, and constantly feeling like “all eyes are on you” doesn’t help their situation. Don’t stare at or “coincidentally” always be working out in the same area as your gym crush. It’s awkward, not to mention creepy. Keep in mind that less is more! It’s okay to give a flirtatious look now and then, but be sure to keep those eyes moving.

DO Be Smart and Read Body Language
Who has time for the gym? Those who make time for the gym. Most people are trying to get in a quick, efficient workout and carry on with their busy day. Be considerate and pay attention to see if the apple of your eye is in a rush and shouldn’t be be bothered – the ability to read body language is crucial. Here’s a big tip – if headphones are in and their iPod is securely strapped, you should probably keep your distance. Have you seen them chat with other members mid-workout? Go for it. It’s also a good idea to plan your approach in common areas such as the pool, café, or lounge.

DON’T Go Overboard
If you’re not trying to catch your breath between sets, you probably aren’t working out hard enough; which is a turn off in itself. However, there’s a happy medium somewhere between a “la-dee-dah” workout and an unnecessarily loud, grunting and weight-dropping session that only screams “look at me!”. Live by the words of Fit trainer Joe LoCascio, “Making every rep look easy is much more impressive than making every rep look difficult.” It’s true confidence is sexy; but showing off and turning heads for the wrong reasons is absolutely not! So tone it down a bit, and keep your workouts real.

DO Dress to Impress
You don’t have to wear makeup or style your hair before going to the gym, but it doesn’t hurt to look like you’ve put in some effort. If you’re looking for love, don’t even think about showing up for a workout in old sweats, basketball shorts or ratty old memorabilia tees. The way you dress is an outward representation of your personality. Men, make sure your athletic clothing choices match, fit well and show off your figure; this shows that you know how to put yourself together. Ladies, we are fortunate to have a multitude of options in fun, sexy and functional activewear. Remember that the way you present yourself will determine the type of person that you attract – so dress to impress!

DON’T Develop a Bad Reputation
No one wants to be “that guy” – the weight room sleazeball or “that girl” – the promiscuous princess. The gym is meant to be a social scene but if you’re not careful with the way you conduct yourself, the workout floor could end up feeling like high school all over again. Most members already have at least one cringeworthy story about how they were approached and hit on at the gym – don’t be another “story”! Make sure you don’t develop a desperate reputation – I guarantee your name will make headlines in the locker room!


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