How to Make the Most of Your Spinning Class

Balancing a busy life and workout may seem impossible to most. It’s no wonder that you want to make the most of the time you actually set aside to work out. If spinning is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that the key to boosting the effectiveness of your spin class is simple – incorporate more standing runs and climbs into the routine.

Not that you know the simple way to up your game in spinning classes in your favorite San Diego health club, you should also be aware that there is more to maximizing your spin class workout than standing climbs. Here are the must-know ways to maximize your spinning workout.

Arrive early

It goes without saying that you should arrive on time to your spin class in your local fitness club. The point we’re trying to make here is that you should not only not be late but arrive 10 minutes early. Why? It will take you a few minutes to adjust your bike properly. A good set up is vital for avoiding injuries, feeling comfortable and maximizing the efficiency during the ride.

Set up your bike properly

The importance of a proper bike set up cannot be stressed enough. The way you adjust your bike will mostly depend on your preference, but you should always ALWAYS ask your spin class instructor at your local fitness club to check your bike before you give it a go.

Some general set-up guidelines do apply, though. The saddle and handlebars should be set up at hip height, but this is more of a guideline than a rule. If you feel too much pressure on your knees, it means the seat needs to be pulled up a bit. Your knees should be only slightly bent, so when both pedals are parallel to the ground, your front knee should be directly above the center of the pedal. Pregnant women and individuals with lower back issues should set the handle bars up higher.

Doublecheck your body alignment

After you set up your bike properly, you should make sure your body is aligned properly during the spin workout. A good personal trainer should assist you with this, but it’s good to memorize the basic instructions for when you have more experience, and feel there’s no need to ask questions.

The most important thing is to check for any excess pressure in your hands or wrists. If you feel excess pressure, shift the weight back to your legs, where it belongs. Excellent cycling posture means that there is minimal pressure on your wrists, back, and knees, and that your back and shoulders are minimally rounded.

During standing positions, your hips should be above the pedal stroke. If you feel you are leaning into the handlebars, it’s a sign you are getting too tired, and should sit back and take a few moments to recharge.

Stand up tall

As mentioned at the beginning, standing runs and climbs will give your spin workout a real boost. That’s why it’s vital that you do them right. For example, many spin class-goers lean forward as they stand up, which is wrong. This way, the knee joint is doing all the work instead of the muscles in the hip joint.

During a standing run, don’t focus so much on speed – you will end up bouncing up and down, while you should hold your body steady. The focus should be on pushing down and pulling up equally.

Standing climbs require heavier resistance, so your body weight should change to account for it. Since you can’t tilt the handlebars to the side in a spin class, you should shift the body weight over each individual down pedal stroke. You should feel pretty much like each stroke you do is a single-leg squat.

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Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson