In or Out: Where Should I Exercise?

Before taking up regular exercising, people gave plenty of questions. They want to know about the benefits of indoor exercising, they are curious about starting with swimming lessons, they inquire about the advantages of various types of water exercises, and, lastly, they ask about whether or not it is necessary to become a gym member.

Well, all these questions have their merits, and all of them are worth answering. But, we have to start somewhere, and where better than with helping you choose whether to exercise in the open air or look for the best among the Pacific Beach CA gyms.

Is it better to exercise inside or outside?

If you’re looking for the definitive “California Department of Public Health advocates solely indoor/outdoor exercise” kind of answer, you’re out of luck, because it does not exist. However, there are benefits to reap from both indoor and outdoor exercising, and we’d be glad to present them to you.

What are the benefits of exercising indoors?

There are many perks to exercising in a gym, too many, in fact, to list them all. So, here are the biggest ones.

  1. Equipment – Gyms feature plenty of workout equipment, something you simply can’t have outdoors.
  2. Group classes – Sometimes, you need a mate to push you past your limit, to motivate you to go harder, and to keep you from giving up. Sure, you can run outside with a friend, but group chemistry is something you have to feel to understand.
  3. Amenities – Sweaty after a workout? Take a shower at the gym. Body sore after a strong session? Perhaps a massage? You can get all of this, and more, at a gym, and right away. Not the case with the great outdoors.
  4. No allergens – If you’re suffering from allergies at certain period of the year, than outdoor exercising can be undoable.
  5. No weather problems – Come rain or come shine, a gym is always there for you. No need to check the forecast.
  6. Personal trainers – If you want a personalized workout regime, complete with nutrition advice and progress monitoring, there is no other option than a gym.

What are the benefits of exercising outdoors?

There are benefits to working out outdoors but, unfortunately, not as many.

  1. Fresh air – Exercising outdoors can prove a real treat when you take a lungful of the crisp, morning air. However, if you live in a more polluted area, it kind of takes the thrill away.
  2. Great weather – If the weather serves you, outdoor exercise is amazing. But, if the weather is horrid, your workout plan flies right out the window.
  3. Scenery – Going for a run up a beautiful hilly track sure can be a pleasure to behold. But, if you live in a densely populated city, with nature not so near, setting out in search of unspoiled views can be a hassle.

Why is it better to exercise indoors?

We’ve listed all the benefits of exercising indoors, and we’ve listed all the perks of going outside for a run, a hike, or a bike ride. As you can probably see for yourself, the lists don’t lie – indoor exercises are a far better alternative. But, why is that specifically?

First of all, let us separate one from the other. Nobody’s saying that you should not visit nature as often as possible. Such trips can work wonders for your mood, can improve your vitality, and are a pleasure on their own. However, if you’re serious about exercising, outdoors should not be your primary option. Why?

The easy way out for us would be to say “Well, because of all the benefits of indoor exercise!”. But, the matter goes beyond the equipment, the amenities, personal trainers and group workouts. Not to sound to ethereal, but it all boils down to the atmosphere.

When you’re outside, it’s normal to stop and enjoy the view, or take a detour to that oh-so-gorgeous location. All that sumptuous distractions do exactly that – they distract you from your primary goal of improving your physical readiness.

When you come to a gym, though, every single object in there is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only – exercising. All the other people are doing it, the machines are there for the taking, and your goal is clear – do your best for the time you’re there. No distractions, just you and your aim.

And that is the main reason why gyms remain the superior place for getting your body into shape. They are built for that specific purpose, and you are there to partake. Nobody’s saying you should never go for a run outdoors. You definitely should, spice it up. But gyms should remain your primary destination.

“Now that I know, what’s the best gym in Pacific Beach?”

Fit Athletic is not only the finest gym in Pacific Beach CA, it is an amazing gym in every respect. It offers the most modern equipment, incredible amenities, great staff and an outstanding location. There really is no downside to coming to workout at our gym.

Of course, the best way for you to see just how good we are is to come and see for yourself. So, if you’re ever planning a visit to the Kate Sessions Memorial Park, drop by our place on the way. We know you’ll love it!

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