Questions to Ask before Joining a Fitness Gym in San Diego

Thinking about joining a gym? Fitness professionals at San Diego’s favorite fitness gym list the most important questions to ask before you join one of San Diego hip hop workout fitness centers.

How far is the gym from my home?

A research study found out that if your gym is more than 12 minutes away from your home or work, you’re more likely to find reasons not to go. The decision to join a fitness center is a great and important one, and you’ve already made it. So, make it easier on yourself and choose a gym or fitness club that is closest. Let’s say you’re from Poway and want to take up yoga – choose a location in or near Poway that has the type of San Diego club spin class you want.

Choose a convenient location so you can also enjoy all the perks it offers. For example, Fit Athletic’s Fit Café offers healthy snacks and meals-to-go.

What else do I get from my membership?

Popular San Diego fitness clubs like Fit Athletic offer their members so much more than workout. Our members enjoy the benefits of our Fit Perx program, with 20% off on a perk they choose, including restaurants, nightlife, real estate, and more!

Fit also cultivates a country club-like culture, and our members get to take part in various social events we organize. It’s a great opportunity to meet other fitness enthusiasts and enjoy a great party or the great outdoors.

Do you provide childcare?

How many classes have you missed because you couldn’t find a sitter for your little one? Choosing a gym that offers childcare can be the solution to this problem. Mind you, ask in detail about the childcare program the gym offers, as you want to have peace of mind knowing your child is in skilled hands.

Fit’s Carmel Mountain and Solana Beach Gym locations offer superb childcare. We use the ‘’Playcare’’ method and encourage your little one to get active through play.

Can I try the gym before I sign up?

Going to the gym should be more than a simple workout – it should inspire you to make a positive lifestyle change. That’s why you should choose the gym where you feel the most comfortable. The choice may not be easy, but the best way is compare and contrast. So, if you’re interested in joining a particular fitness center, ask them if they offer free passes.

For example, Fit Athletic offers a day pass, with which you can try out the gym. We offer so many different classes and we’re sure you would want to try out all of them!


Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson