Hatha Yoga Poses and Benefits

If you looking to find the best yoga San Diego downtown place, but you think core power yoga might be too difficult, or that the pluses of hot yoga are not enough for you, while going to meditation classes might be physically too mellow for your taste, don’t worry. Perhaps hatha yoga poses and benefits this style offers are just the thing for you. So, let us take you through the motions, and see how Hatha will improve your everyday life.

Vrikshasana, or the tree pose

The gains Hatha yoga brings to your life once you start practicing it are numerous. Your heart health will drastically improve, your bone density will increase, you will add more to the strength of your core, increase joint mobility, alleviate potential back issues, and correct any problems you might have with your balance and posture.

However, here, we’re going to take you through each of the beginner-friendly Hatha yoga poses and benefits they provide, and see exactly how each position works towards shaping you into a stronger individual, both mentally and physically.

Vrikshasana is also called the tree pose, because you do kind of resemble a tree, standing on one foot, your other leg bent inwards at the knee. This pose, or asana, as poses in Hatha yoga are called, is easy enough for any beginner, but takes a while to master, as you do need to hold it for at least a minute.

Vrikshasana works to stabilize your entire body, placing the emphasis on your legs, strengthening the tendons and ligaments along the way. Your hip bones will also witness changes, and you will add some tone to your gluteus. As for this Hatha yoga pose and its benefits on the mental aspect, it will improve your concentration, build up your self-esteem and confidence, and leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated.

Tadasana, or the mountain pose

The mountain pose is often referred to as the mother to all asanas. And there’s a good reason for it – it is the base for all the other Hatha yoga poses and benefits they produce. You can do this pose whenever you want, just make sure it’s on an empty stomach. Hold for ten to twenty seconds, and reap the results.

And the results are good. This pose adds strength to your knees, thighs, and ankles, improves posture, and steadies your breathing. It also does wonders for blood circulations by removing tensions from the entire body. It can help with eliminating depression, and refresh you. Not bad for such a simple pose.

Adho Mukha Svanasana, or the downward facing dog pose

Don’t laugh, it’s just that, when you step into this Hatha yoga pose and benefits start pouring in, you will look like a dog that’s bending forward. But trust us, feeling a bit silly won’t stop you from practicing this pose once you hear all it can do. In order to maximize the gain, do it in the morning, with clean bowels and an empty stomach. Hold this pose for one to three minutes.

The downward facing dog will tone the muscles of your arms and legs and lengthen your spine. It will increase the blood flow to your brain, thus calming the mind. It can help with strong headaches, body fatigue, insomnia even, as well as reduce anxiety, leaving you feel optimistic and strong.

Baddha Konasana, or the cobbler pose

The other name for this pose is the butterfly pose, as you can see yourself looking like a butterfly about to flap its wings. This Hatha yoga pose and benefits of it are best reaped in the evening, on an empty stomach, a couple of hours after you’ve eaten. Again, an easy position you need to hold for one to five minutes.

You wouldn’t believe it, but this simple asana stimulates your bladder, heart, abdominal organs, and kidneys, and increases the blood flow into all these areas. You will also stretch your knees and inner thighs. This pose is even more beneficial to women, as it can soothe menstrual pains, ease childbirth, and relieve menopause symptoms. Astounding!

Balasana, or the child pose

Finally, we come to the more advanced among the Hatha yoga poses and benefits every yoga newbie can obtain. It’s called the child pose because, once you assume it, you will resemble a fetal-positioned child. Although a bit more advanced, this pose is actually among the openers taught to beginners. You can do it anywhere anytime, on an empty stomach, or a couple of hours after a meal. Once in the pose, hold it for a two to three minutes.

Balasana can and will relieve tension in your shoulders and your back, stretch your ankles and thighs, and keep the internal organs supple. It will also calm your entire body, as well as the mind, and improve your breathing. Plus, Balasana can also help with constipation issues. An all-round incredible pose.

You’ve learner about Hatha yoga poses and benefits, and want to try it out? We’re happy to hear it!

Yes, truly happy, because we at Fit Athletic are true yoga enthusiasts, and know just how amazing yoga can be once you practice it in the right environment and with the right instructors. That is why we have strived to create just such an environment, where people can relax, leave their worries, and focus on the pose they are in. And, the yoga instructors we employ are the best in the business, and will carefully guide you as you take your first steps into Hatha. If you want to begin, come to our place today!

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