How to Choose the Best Gym for You?

Finding the right gym in San Diego is definitely not an easy task. Yes, there are other aspects to consider, such as the number of calories to burn per training session, using the gym machines properly, and packing for the gym adequately. However, the most important questions still concerns finding the best among all the gyms in Downtown San Diego. Don’t worry, we can help you with it!

What every gym should have

What every gym should have?

When it comes to choosing the best gym in San Diego, the most important aspect to consider is the equipment that gym has. Also, you should pay attention to the trainers the gym employs, especially if you want to work out with a personal trainer. Having a degree from, let’s say,  the American College of Sports Medicine is certainly a big plus. So, let’s see what every gym that strives to be the best should have.

  • Training bench – And at least two of them. Training benches are a must, so never choose a gym without one.
  • Dumbbell set – Can a gym really call itself a gym without a full set or two of dumbbells?
  • Barbell set – When it comes to barbells, there are different options. Olympic bars, bench presses, squat tracks… The perfect gym should have all of them!
  • Kettlebell set – Although considered an alternative to dumbbells, kettlebells are rather different, as they activate different muscle groups. It’s good to have the variety!
  • Pull-up bar and frame – How can you do pull-ups and chin-ups without one or the other?
  • Treadmill – Treadmills are a cardio essential. Enough said!
  • Stationary bike – Similar to treadmills, stationary bicycles are also for cardio exercises, and they are just as necessary, especially if you want to mix your cardio exercises up, as you should.
  • Fitness balls – Lots of exercises are designed around fitness balls, especially the ones for your core. Do you really want to go to a gym without one?
  • Accessories – Although various accessories might seem an insignificant matter compared to the biggies, they are still essential nonetheless. Equipment such as rollout wheels, wooden bars for stretching, as well as tubes and bands go a long way when it comes to offering an all-round satisfying gym experience.
  • Changing room – You do need a place to change when you arrive, and every good changing room should also have a locker with a key or a lock combination to store your equipment.
  • Shower room – We feel like this need no particular explanation.
How do I decide what gym to join

How do I decide what gym to join?

Chances are there are several gyms that have all the necessary equipment you will ever need, and now you’re in a position of having to choose the one to go to. You might think it as easy as pointing a finger with eyes closed, but there are ways of making an informed decision.

  • Proximity – Why go to a gym that is ten block away, if you can go to one in your neighborhood?
  • Check the price – If you can’t afford it, if you have to stretch your budget to make it work, don’t! Nobody says you should stick to budget gyms, as they often make compromises where compromises should not be made, but you should also never break the bank!
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness – When you visit the gym for the first time, make a quick inspection of the machines. See if they’re clean, and then wait around to see if the employees wipe them down regularly. Gyms can be germ factories if not cleaned properly.
  • Emergency plan – God forbid you ever find yourself in such a situation, but we have to mention it nevertheless. Cardiac arrests can happen, especially during extremely difficult training sessions, so it is good to know how prepared gym employees are for all eventualities.
  • Atmosphere – Finally, it all comes down to whether you like it or not. Perhaps a gym tick all the necessary boxes. Perhaps it has all the equipment you will ever need, it’s close to your home, and it dirt cheap, but something just doesn’t click. If this happens, keep looking.

Which is the best gym to join?

We’re sorry to say, but we are unable to give you a definitive answer on this one. Why? Because it’s not really our place to say so. What might be the best gym in the known universe to us might end up being a derelict slum to you.

OK, it’s not so extreme, but you get the idea. What is perfect for one person is far from perfect for somebody else, so we have only one last piece of advice for you – choose the gym you like. Don’t listen to anybody else. Visit several gyms, take a good look, soak in (pun intended) the atmosphere and choose the gym that feels right to you. There really is nothing more to it.

Which is the best gym to join

But seriously now, what is the best gym in San Diego?

OK, ok, if you really want to know what the best gym in Downtown San Diego is, if you really need to twist our arm, it seems we have to give you an answer… Fit Athletic! Fit Athletic is far ahead of the competition, providing the best equipment, the most professional trainers, and wonderful training atmosphere at to-die-for locations. If you’re on your way to SeaWorld San Diego, stop by and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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