How to be Fashionably Fit

Listen up you fitness fashionistas, it’s not just about looking good. Well, ok it is!

We’ve come a long way with our workout apparel since spandex, leg warmers, and psychedelic leotards. A very long way. Now it’s all about sports performance, sleek fitted, eco friendly and fashion-forward clothing that looks good on you, while you’re working out to look good.

Vanity is NOT one of the seven deadly sins. So with that in mind, here are three sporty style trends you should take note of the next time you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the gym since valentines day is near got a heart on.


Supplex is the goddess of all workout fabrics. Almost all of my workout clothes are made of it, and trust me, it holds up amazingly, especially when you care for it properly by washing it in cold water and then hang it to dry.  I’ve got workout pants made of supplex I’ve had for more than five years and they have definitely withstood hundreds of classes and buckets of sweat. (The only thing they were no match for is my Chihuahua mix Lola, she has managed to eat the crotch out of about 8 pairs of my workout pants, and for that my friends, there is no recovery.)

Supplex is mixed with Lycra. It’s fully breathable and able to hold its shape (it doesn’t stretch out). It’s as comfortable as cotton but dries faster and offers firm support. Most of the higher end fitness clothing brands use supplex as a staple in all their clothing.


Cross training workouts are IN, so cross-training shoes are a MUST. These days very few of us do just one thing when we workout so we need a shoe that supports our varied demands.  As we’ve all found out at one time or another, high heels don’t work well for walking across the lawn, but they certainly have their place in a night out on the town. Similarly, workout shoes made for walking don’t belong in a Boot Camp class.

Whether you’re working out with a trainer, busting your rear in a group ex class, or simply taking a quick trek around your neighborhood with your pooch, cross training shoes will support your feet for all of these exercises.


Specialize motions need specialized shoes. Running shoes are made to support your foot based on the way your foot moves when you’re running – forward momentum with a heel toe strike – so don’t run in walking shoes. Walking shoes are made to walk in – not for agility training. So don’t do speed drills in running shoes

The right shoe for you is one that can handle your physical demands, unfortunately it’s not necessarily the one that has the coolest design or best color combination. Understanding this point is very important to the serious, yet sporty fashionistas out there. Luckily sports shoe designers have literally stepped up their game in the race to win your hard earned dollars and now there are amazing cross-styles and color combinations to fit your cross training workout regime.


Finally, follow the trends, but be unique. It’s no surprise that fluorescent colors are hot right now. But, that doesn’t mean you need to wear them from head to toe. It’s one thing to be trendy; it’s another to look like a glow stick. With fluorescent colors, a little goes a long way. Try a hot orange headband, electro pink sports top or even neon blue pants, but not all at the same time. Trust me; it’s easier to overdo it than you think, as I recently found out when I made my fluorescent faux paus. I realize I overdid it one day when Reza, one of my co-workers let me know (in a loving, yet chiding way) that I looked like a piece of grape bubble gum! At home, and apparently in the dark, I thought it worked. In reality, it was overkill. I have since retired the blue/double neon purple combo. What are friends for, right?

Choosing your workout clothing is just as important as choosing your professional wardrobe. It says something about you, your sense of style, your sense of self. The right clothes can actually inspire you to workout harder. Generally speaking, if you look good, you’ll feel good.  Don’t overdo, but do what looks good and feels good to you – and if you’re not sure about your choice, just stop by the office and ask Reza, he’s a straight shooter with a fabulous sense of style.


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