Can Yoga Help with Belly Fat and Weight Loss?

Exercising is not only healthy, but it also makes us look and feel better. If you’re struggling with weight, although you might not think it, yoga is amazing for losing weight quickly and efficiently. Beginners have many questions, and we understand.

As a newbie, you want to get some yoga tips for beginners to help you prepare, you are curious about whether yoga is helpful for body toning, and you’re often unsure if yoga is enough for all your needs. Well, if you’re thinking about frequenting yoga classes in Mission Beach to get toned, let us answer your most burning questions. 

Can I lose weight doing yoga?

The short answer would be yes, but we do need to elaborate a bit further. One of the prerequisites for weight loss is an increase in your heart rate. So, in order to shed pounds more effectively, your heart needs to really get racing.

Now, some people say that yoga cannot get you there, that yoga is too gentle and too mellow for losing weight, and that you definitely need to combine yoga with other types of exercising in order to lose pounds effectively.

In a way, there is some truth to these statements. The more gentle among various yoga styles definitely won’t help you lose weight as efficiently as, say, running. However, yoga has a powerful effect on the endocrine system and can boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

If weight loss is your primary goal, you can always choose a more fast-paced style of yoga that will get your blood pumping and your heart beating quickly. Yoga styles that get you sweating are just as good for weight loss as the more traditional exercises like running or aerobics, if not better. Regular yoga practice will do wonders for your body and your mental health!

What are the best yoga styles for weight loss?

What are the best yoga styles for weight loss?

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a series of primary and advanced poses designed with the intention of building heat in your body, increasing your heart rate, and boosting circulation. And, with all of this, weight loss follows.

Vinyasa Yoga

Sometimes, Vinyasa is called “flow” yoga, and that’s exactly what it is. You’ll flow like a stream through a series of gradually intensifying postures, doing each one a bit more quickly than the last. Vinyasa will get your heart pumping quickly and effectively, leading to weight loss.

Bikram Yoga

Finally, probably the best style of yoga for weight loss, but also the one not suitable for beginners. You’ll be practicing in a 100-degree room, you’ll sweat and puff, and you’ll love every second of it.

Can yoga help lose belly fat?

Again, yes, yoga can definitely help you trim some of that pesky belly fat, but, again, only when you use the correct yoga styles and positions. More on that a bit later. For now, we have to say that yoga helps you reduce belly fat in more ways than one.

First and foremost, yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle. It inspires you to change the habits that may have a negative impact on your overall well being, and embrace a healthier alternative.

Secondly, yoga also encourages every individual to find a routine that works best for his or her needs. So, if your goal is to lose belly fat, consult your instructor and come up with a sequence of yoga postures that will help you do just that.

Finally, but, perhaps, most importantly, yoga makes you engage your core, and that is the most obvious way in which yoga helps you eliminate belly fat. This will make your abs strong, and your belly fat will start disappearing rapidly. Now, let’s see about the best yoga postures for losing belly fat.

What are the best yoga postures for eliminating belly fat?

There are three main postures that will help you make quick work of your belly fat.

  1. The Boat Pose

    This is a yoga position that really engages your core. First, you need to hold the boat pose for about five breaths, then go to the full Boat Pose, with your legs and your upper body hovering. Hold it for a single deep breath, and then repeat. Do this five times a week, and witness a trimmed waistline in no time.

  2. The Bridge Pose

    Shedding belly fat is not just about your abs. You also need to pay attention to all the muscles supporting your core. And this is where this pose steps in. Tighten your abs as you get into bridge pose, then start gently lowering your backside until you tap the ground. After that, raise your hips again to finish a rep. Do this for ten to fifteen repetitions, three to four times a week, and your belly fat will burn.

  3. Various balancing poses

    All balancing poses help strengthen your core, and a strong core means less belly fat. Combine different balancing poses with the boat and bridge forms, and give your body an all encompassing belly-fat-losing workout.

“Where can I start doing yoga in Mission Bay?”

If you’d like to follow the advice of the California Department of Public Health and start leading a healthier lifestyle, while receiving some other benefits like less belly fat, yoga is the perfect exercise for you. And we have just the Mission Beach yoga classes you’re looking for!

Fit Athletic provides incredible conditions for practicing yoga, and our instructors will help you achieve the results you desire. They are dedicated and experienced yogis who know which style of yoga is best for your needs and will develop a routine that fits your wishes. If you’d like to get ready for the surfing season at Mission Bay, stop by our place and let’s get cracking!

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