Personal Training Etiquette: Unwritten Rules of the Gym

There is a number of benefits that personal training San Diego instructors can provide. Whatever your fitness goals are, you will be surprised by what your body can do. Your personal trainer will provide support and guidance, constantly pushing you to get better results. However, every gym has its own personal training etiquette.

If you are new to fitness, there are certain mistakes you can make unknowingly. Everybody was a gym rookie once so don’t worry. Some of the rules are unspoken and sometimes not well known even for the most advanced visitors.

These tips will make your first and every other visit to the gym go smoothly.

Read and follow written rules at the gym

Although this may seem obvious, your first day at the gym can be an overwhelming experience so you don’t pay attention to the rules that are, in fact, written and visible. As soon as you step into your gym, look for any rules and regulations posted on the walls. The written code is designed to ensure equipment care, as well as the safety and convenience of all members.

Dress properly

Wear appropriate sportswear and footwear. Your clothes should be clean, comfortable to move in, and not too revealing.

Show up on time

Show up on time for each training session. If you are working with a personal trainer, by being punctual you will show professionalism, dedication, commitment and appreciation of their work and time. If you are enrolled in a group class and you’re late, no matter how gracefully you can make an entrance, you will cause disruption.

Put equipment away

Put the equipment back where it goes and treat it like your own – attentively and with care. Don’t forget to re-rack weights in their proper order after you finish lifting so that others can use them hassle-free. Avoid dropping and banging weights together. Be sure to set them down as gently as you can.

Clean up after yourself

Use a towel and wipe down all surfaces to remove dirt and sweat once you are finished with the equipment. This will show staff and gym members how respectful you are.

Be nice

This is an important rule of good manners and personal trainer etiquette that everybody should follow. Be considerate to other gym members, give them enough space to the side and front, and don’t block their view of the mirror. Also, when you are approaching the equipment that someone else might be using, see if it is free first.

Socialize in-between workouts

Gym is the place where people come to work out and not the place to have a social hour. A few words every now and then are fine as long as you don’t talk loudly or excessively.

Starting a conversation with another gym member can get both of you off-track and distract others as well. Fit Athletic offers you a number of amenities so you will get the chance to socialize with other members without interrupting their exercise routine.

Ask your fitness instructor about the unspoken personal training etiquette

Personal training etiquette often depends on the gym so if you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask staff members or your trainer for information and/or clarification. For example, you could ask if chalk is allowed or if it’s permitted to exercise barefoot.

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