Personal Training or Group Training – Which Is for Me?

There has already been enough debate on what is better – group or personal training near San Diego. We’re not going to discuss the benefits of one over the other, nor come to the conclusion on which option is better. It’s like asking if physical therapy is better than training. No. Personal training or group training? Let’s help you choose the best option for you. Ask yourself these questions.

Am I an individualist or a socializer?

Yes, the personal training or group training decision-making process begins inward. It’s not about singing praises about how personal trainers pay you all the attention in the world, or how people around you increase extrinsic motivation.

It’s all about you and your personality, and what suits you character best. If you’re goal-oriented, happy to give it your all on your own, than personal training is for you. You work one-on-one with a trainer, you have a personalized regime, and the only person you have to beat is yourself.

If, on the other hand, you feel like working out alone is simply not as engaging as having a group of people around you, or if you like to have a chat in between sessions, then you should go for group training. You simply like to have a bit more interaction when exercising, and that’s completely cool.

What drives me?

Back to the matter of motivation. In any type of exercising, be it personal training or group training, motivation is important. It’s what makes you do the extra repetition, what makes you sign up for gym membership in the first place.

Some people need no other sources of motivation than themselves and the goals they set. Once they determine the finish line, they will run, walk, or skip until they cross it. They only need a person who will show them how it’s done, and, sometimes, whisper an encouraging line.

Other people, however, have trouble finding their inner Schwarzenegger. They rely on group support, efforts, and goals to achieve the desired. They gain energy from their allies, fueling their every flex with the camaraderie that surrounds them. If you’re like that, go for group.

Am I a slacker?

Woah woah, hold on, don’t get offended. We now you’re not, otherwise, you wouldn’t be exercising, right? You do have to admit though that there are times when even making a cup of coffee is a struggle. So, what do you do then?

In a situation like this, some people just clench their teeth, press their arms against the oh-so-comfortable sofa, get up and step up. Others, however, would probably not get up and make that coffee for themselves, but certainly would for a friend. Get it?

The same is true for working out. If that day comes, do you have enough self-discipline to say to yourself “Ok you lazy sob, time to get to work”, or would you think “Golly, I better go, wouldn’t want to let my team down”? Answer this, and you will know if you need personal training or group training.

How much am I willing to set aside?

Sometimes, even with all the introspection, it comes down to the budget. But, there is a reason why money is the last item on our list of questions. Money should never be the deciding factor. Especially when it comes to personal fitness and wellbeing.

The facts remain though. Personal training is the more expensive alternative. Having a qualified professional working only with you for the duration of the session is sure to cost some extra money. However, if you feel that you would achieve better results with personal training, than pay the money. You will not regret the investment.

If, on the other side, you function better in a group, don’t think that just because it’s cheaper, it must be worse. As we’ve said at the beginning, you’re doing this for you. No betters, no worsts, only what suits you. The decision of personal training or group training is still a personal one, money or no money.

Whatever you choose – personal training or group training, you can’t go wrong with Fit Athletic!

At Fit Athletic, we employ only the most qualified, experience, and dedicated professionals in the business. That is why we are so certain of their capability to rise to any occasion. We have the most modern amenities, and the atmosphere at our gym is always a pleasant one. It’s utter joy to work out here. That is why we are the best fitness and wellness center in San Diego. Stop by and see for yourself!

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