Pilates or Yoga: Does Pilates Help With Losing Weight Just as Much as Yoga?

By: Fit Athletic Club | On: June 27, 2019
Pilates or Yoga: Does Pilates Help With Losing Weight Just as Much as Yoga?

If you’re wondering if Pilates is better than yoga, or vice versa, you’re in the wrong frame of mind. They’re both great, but in different ways. Instead, the questions you should learn more about include what Pilates actually is, if it can help you with belly fat, and if you need to join a gym to practice Pilates. We will first tackle the most obvious choice – if regular Bankers Hill Pilates workout sessions can help you lose weight.

Is Pilates a good way to lose weight?

Just to make one thing clear – California Department of Public Health states that any type of exercising is good for weight loss. The only real difference between them is the projected speed at which you should expect to reduce your weight. And, you should never lose sight of another important aspect when trying to shed a couple of pounds, and that’s proper nutrition.

So yes, Pilates is a good way to lose weight, just as good as all the other types of exercising. It may not be as quick as, say, cardio, but that only means it’s a bit gentler on your body, and a bit less aggressive. 

How does Pilates help me lose weight?

There are several reasons why Pilates is a good workout method for losing weight, and almost all of them revolve around the six basic principles of Pilates you have to master if you want to maximize your results. Here are the most important reasons why Pilates is the choice of many when it comes to losing weight.

  • Shaping – When you practice Pilates, you try to get your body into different shapes, and it is these shapes that, over time, give your body a leaner and slimmer look.
  • Strengthening – Pilates is not about shedding weight quickly, but rather doing so gradually and properly. And, in order to lose weight, you first have to strengthen your entire body for the process, which is where Pilates comes into play. It will strengthen your core and increase your flexibility, preparing your body for weight loss.
  • Movement – Moving contributes to weight loss, as simple as that, and seeing how Pilates features some quite unorthodox workout moves, you know you’ll be well on your way to lose some weight.

How many times a week should I do Pilates?

Unlike other workout methods, where you’re not entirely sure how many times a week you should commit to them, Pilates does let you know just how many times a week you should do it. And when we say Pilates lets you know, we mean Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates.

how many times a week should i do pilates

In his book, Joseph Pilates clearly suggests that the best way to practice Pilates is to do it four times a week minimum. Yes, minimum. 

You see, Pilates is not like other forms of exercising. It’s gentle to your body, it’s slow, and you can’t overdo it with Pilates. You can do Pilates any chance you get, and not worry about the consequences, as there aren’t any. But, if you’re pressed for time, two to three times a week will do just fine. 

What to wear to a Pilates class?

Pilates can be a bit demanding when it comes to the clothes you should wear when doing it, but it’s only like that in the beginning. And it’s easy if you follow these simple rules.

  • No shoes – Pilates is done barefoot, so no shoes required. If you feel uneasy without socks though, wear grippy ones so as not to slip.
  • Baggy no, form-fitting yes – The ideal clothing for Pilates includes clothing that allows for stretching, but is definitely not baggy. When you wear form-fitting clothing to Pilates, your instructor can clearly see how your body is aligned and thus correct any mistakes you might be making. 
  • No belts and tie-backs – These clothing items can make lying on your back really uncomfortable.
  • Eliminate embellishments – Buttons, buckles, zippers, clasps, as well as the rest of the trimmings can damage Pilates equipment, so best avoid them.
  • Take your jewelry off – As it will only hinder your Pilates efforts.
  • Tie your hair – You should be proud of your long, wavy mane, but keep in mind that you should keep it under control when doing Pilates, for your own sake.

“Sounds good enough, just need to find a good Pilates place in San Diego.”

That’s a lot easier than you think. Fit Athletic is not just a good, but the best place for all the methods of exercising, Bankers Hill-based Pilates included. We have all the equipment, we have all the amenities, and we’ve managed to create an atmosphere in which exercising is a true joy. If you’re ever visiting the Cabrillo National Monument, pop to our place on the way home and check it out. You’ll get a membership as soon as you step foot in it.

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