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About Body Angel

Body Angel activewear is made with Supplex fibers by Invista, drying 50% faster than cotton. Supplex fibers are air jet textured and gives the cottony soft comfort with a gentle support. Supplex is mixed with Lycra, which stretch up to 500% and then spring back to the original shape.

A little about the founder of this company, Maria-Fernanda De La Vega. A native Colombian, from Barranquilla, the city nicknamed “La Puerta de Oro de Colombia’ translation “Colombia’s Golden Gate’ because it is the largest port city in the country. There Maria attended the Metropolitana University, where she received a degree in dentistry. In between a busy class-load at the University and what little free time she had, Maria managed to fit in some modeling and worked again off and on as a model since coming to the United States in 2003.

She now lives in San Diego, California. Since Maria was a teenager, working out, feeling good, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle has been a very important part her of daily life; it has always been a priority. Comfortable work-out clothes are easy to find, but she wanted something more. She wanted clothes that were also fashionable, “different” and cute! Inspired by the wonderful colors of her native city’s world famous Carnival Festival, Indonesian Batik, fading colors and tie-dye.