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About Dr. Brian Allman - Personal Wellness

Dr. Brian Alman is a local wellness expert who specializes in feeling Good Made Simple.

Over 30 years working with thousands of patients, Dr. Brian Alman has translated his intuitive and clinical techniques for healing into transformational programs with results that last.

Whether Dr. Alman is working with individual people or businesses, his approach begins by revealing the root of the wellness issue or performance challenge. World-renowned self-help author Dr. Brian Alman offers his signature techniques for self-healing in a line of books, CD programs, and DVD programs. These programs were developed to help you manage your stress and anxiety through effective self-help techniques – all in your own home on your own time.

Dr. Alman uses positive psychology and clinically proven techniques, all in a safe and peaceful setting. His intuitive approach draws forth the true inner sage present in each and every person, so that you become your own guide to optimal living. You are likely to feel a huge weight lifted, more hopeful and excited to live again.

No life-challenge or problem is too great. You will experience results that last a lifetime.




Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson