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About Earthwise

We are an independent, locally-owned and operated grooming and pet supply store serving the downtown San Diego community (and beyond!) since 2015. Our purpose is to provide our neighbors a compelling shopping alternative to ‘Big-Box,’ ‘Mega-Pet,’ and online ‘eChow’ experiences. We offer the widest possible variety of all-natural, grain-free, and raw pet foods, as well as superior quality treats, highly-personalized & affordable grooming, and an overall awesome in-store experience!

When you walk through our door you can expect a warm and personal greeting, and we will quickly try to tend to any needs or questions you may have! As an independent store, our focus on customer service allows us to serve as a valuable educational resource to local pet owners on pet nutrition, which is the subject of an overwhelming amount of contradictory information online. This, in turn, enables us to focus on quality over quantity, offering super-healthy diets that fit your budget.

We also take the greatest pride in offering the highest-quality pet grooming services in San Diego. Our award-winning groomers are passionate in their craft, committed to excellence, and responsive to each and every pet owner’s desires. We offer cage-free grooming, and use only the highest quality products and that will leave your pet happy, chemical-free, and beautiful! We are also the only grooming provider that allows you to book appointments automatically online! How convenient is that!

For those folks who want to bathe their own pups (or kitties!), we have the most accommodating and accessible self-wash tubs available anywhere!

We have the largest selection of hand-picked toys of any independent store in San Diego, all screened for safety and durability. We also have an incredible variety of healthy and safe treats and chews. We’ll even let your pup choose it’s own! We have walls of beautiful, high-quality collars, leashes, and harnesses, ranging from ‘economical’ to the ‘extravagant!’ And for that special event – or, ‘just because’ – we carry a fabulous array of ‘Puppy Apparel’ and seasonal costume gear.




Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson