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About Love to Live Spa

Love to Live Spa is your place to fall in love with life again.

It’s a fact that when you look and feel great, you are able to live a more balanced life… a life filled with confidence, clear skin & flawless eyelashes!

Our guests LOVE the convenience of a clear complexion & eyelash extensions; they LOVE not fussing with makeup every morning; they LOVE not having to apply mascara after strenuous workouts; they LOVE their skin’s vibrant glow. They LIVE more confidently, putting their “best face forward” every day. Why do you LOVE to LIVE?

Whether you are looking for corrective skin care, youthful remedies or beautiful looking brows and lashes, the Love to Live team of experts will help you reach your goals.
We invite you to register for a Discovery Journey so you can fall in love with your life again!




Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson