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McKenna Guitar Sales

About McKenna Guitar Sales

McKenna Guitar Sales provides musicians the highest quality guitars made, with a focus on customer service from start to finish.

We want musicians to be able to be able to build their dream guitar and make the process a unique experience.

With a passion for guitars and our trusted connections within the industry, we can provide you with the highest quality custom guitars. When you order your guitar from us, you will have an experienced and dedicated rocker who knows how to get the job completed. Contact me at McKenna Guitars when you are ready to have your custom guitar built just the way you want it.

We started this business because we love music, we love making music, and we value quality instruments. At McKenna Guitars we assembled a top notch team of experts to give the buyer what they want. We hope to create an individual experience for you when you play music. We know that it’s not only about the instrument, but about the experience, the meaning, and the memories created when you play.




Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson