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About Mike Hess Brewing

Mike Hess Brewing was founded in 2010 by former US Navy officer and veteran Mike Hess with his wife, Lynda. From the beginning, our goal has been to make great beers across a broad style spectrum. Although we haven’t purposely avoided being labeled as a hoppy-shop or sour-factory or Eurocentric, we do take pride in brewing excellent beers that span from light to dark, malty to hoppy, bright and clear to hazy—and even those that don’t fit any category. Every batch is QC’d dozens of times on its journey from grain to glass. Our job is complete only when our exceptional beer reaches the mouth of our guests and patrons.We welcome families and their furry friends to enjoy each of our unique brewery and tasting room experiences. Our doors are open to everyone, including aspiring brewers and homebrewers, who can appreciate seeing “how the sausage is made” with our unique vantage point from the skybridge at our North Park location. Guests can safely walk through our brewhouse and fermentation tank farm while enjoying our delicious beers. Come and visit our main brewhouse location in North Park and experience our passion for brewing firsthand.