Quick Tips to Stay FIT During the Holidays

I get it. You’re short on time and your to-do list is longer than Santa’s. You have gifts to buy, people to see and parties to attend. As you dash about town spreading your good tidings and good will while sipping cider and adding sparkle to everyone’s day, just remember an overdose of holiday cheer can lead to extra pounds if you fill your belly like a bowl full of jelly.

‘Tis the season of giving. So give thanks. Give presents. And please give your body a break from the stress of the go-go-go by being creative when it comes to sneaking in a quick holiday workout and watching your diet.


  1. Avoid overindulging in libations. When it’s time for that cup of holiday cheer or two, go easy. You may not remember how much you consumed, but your derriere will get bigger anyway. In an average 4 oz glass, there are 96 calories in champagne, 83 calories in most red or white wines and beer can range from 95 calories for light beers to upwards of 300 calories for some of your bocks. Mixed drinks can have almost twice the number of calories as these. Moderation is the key. Have a glass of calorie free water in between cocktails to keep things in perspective.


  1. Walk more. Make that mad dash to the mall count! Park as far away from the entrance as you can each time you go shopping. That extra hike will help you burn more calories throughout the day. Moderate paced walking can burn up to 300 calories an hour.


  1. Pucker up. Hang out under the mistletoe or just take your own stash around with you where ever you go. It’s been said you can burn about 6.4 calories with each minute of kissing. Of course, if the kissing leads to a little holiday “hanky panky” then you can expect to burn about 144 calories per half hour (sounds like HIIT training has a little competition).


  1. Enlist a Friend – Come on, even Santa needs helpers. Besides, it’s more fun to train with someone else than doing it alone. If you commit to meet someone for a workout you’re more likely to show up for it. Why not get together for a cycling class? You can burn up to 800 calories in an hour and have fun while doing it.


  1. Take it to the ice. Change it up a little. Instead of eggnog and caroling why not try something new like an ice skating party? Even here in San Diego (thanks to modern technology) you can strap on your skates and give it a whirl and burn about 400-500 calories per hour, even as a novice. Head over to the infamous Hotel Del Coronado right here in our own backyard. Release your inner Michelle Kwan and free skate your way into a calorie burning holiday frenzy.


This year why not make a commitment to really enjoy your holidays and all the activities they bring? Keep your workouts in check so you can keep your stress levels under control. Yes, there are things to do, people to see and places to go; but if you keep it all in perspective, manage your stress load with planned workouts and occasionally refer to tip number three, it should be a very happy “Kwan-Hanu-mas” for all.

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