OMNIA™ Functional Training by Technogym

Fit Athletic Blog - Omnia Technogym

Fit Athletic Club in downtown San Diego is the first gym in the country to get their hands on the most functional cross training tool we’ve seen yet.   What is OMNIA™? OMNIA™ is a functional training system which optimizes strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed. It is designed specifically for small group personal training […]

Whip Your Health or Fitness Blog Into Shape

Fit Athletic Blog - Blog Tips

Step 1: Blog.   Step 2: Profit!   If only the blogosphere worked that way. Building your fitness or healthy lifestyle brand by blogging requires considerable time and energy—not to mention talent. In a world becoming increasingly proliferated by life coaches, healthy-eating foodies, fitness junkies and weight loss crusaders, you may find yourself up against […]

Valentine’s Day is Near – Got a Heart On?

Fit Athletic Blog - Healthy Heart Valentine's Day

Every year at this time there is a ridiculous amount of commercial attention placed on the status of your heart – is it broken, lonely, filled, overflowing, fragile or hardened? Just how much chocolate does it take to mend a wounded heart? How many flowers prove one heart loves another? How many sappy love songs […]

3 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Fit Athletic Blog - New Years Resolutions

“New Year’s Resolutions”. I’ve heard those magical three words every January throughout the course of my 20 year personal training career; often uttered by people who are hoping to shed body fat and improve their health to feel and look better than the previous year. However, this common phrase often means something different to every […]