The Worst Enemies of Fat Metabolism

To help our bodies metabolize fat properly, we need to make a list of the worst enemies of fat metabolism. So, what are they?

Artificial Sweeteners.

To avoid overloading your body with toxins, you should avoid Splenda, sucralose and aspartame. Stevia is okay.


High levels of alcohol intake can cause serious liver problems, damaging the organ that helps in controlling fat metabolism. Minimal alcohol intake is recommended.


These are unnatural and toxic to your body. Preservatives are found in almost all packaged goods.


Be cautious about the types of fruits and vegetables you consume. Organic fruits and vegetables can even contain pesticides. Find a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or farmer’s market you trust. Use them as a source for your daily dose of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

Artificial Additives.

Avoid MSG. Check the label and watch out for soy protein isolate and citric acid. Both of these additives produce MSG as a by-product. Many protein shakes and protein bars contain one or both of these additives and should therefore be avoided.

Trans Fats.

Any products containing hydrogenated or even partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided.

Corn Syrup.

Especially those with high fructose. They are often artificial and very high on the glycemic index, indicating that the blood sugar levels can rise very quickly after ingesting.

Caffeine Intake.

It is unnecessary to completely avoid caffeine, but one should limit their intake. Caffeine affects the body much like carbohydrates do. Ingesting caffeine can cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall, resulting in the storage of fat


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