Want to learn how to do the Crow Pose? (Also Known as the Crane Pose). If you’re ready to take your Yoga Workout to the next level, today, Rachel is teaching us Yogi’s the fundamentals of the Crow Pose. The Crow Pose is an arm balance that not only strengthens the arms, wrist, back, and ab muscles, but it also reminds us the importance of the full-body experience and having control over our Yoga Poses, posture and breathing. Make sure you follow this step by step Crow Pose Guide and keep your gaze forward. If you already have experience with the Crow Pose, Rachel will also teach how to do a headstand and Chaturanga into the upward facing dog pose. It’s also a good rule of thumb to not get discouraged if you can’t quite achieve the Crow pose or headstand the first go around. Stay positive and make sure you focus on the practice of breathing and enjoying your journey to strength. This quick 5-minute Guided Yoga is the perfect Yoga class for all levels.