Sooooo you’ve taken some time off from working out and haven’t been going to the gym, we’ve all been there! Perhaps you’ve had an injury or your gym was closed down during quarantine, and now you’re ready to get to go full speed ahead and get back into working out. In today’s video, Aaron is going to go over 5 Awesome Trainer Tips that will help you get back into the gym with ease. The first trainer tip is Ease back in and be smart about it. Unfortunately, you won’t be coming back to training at the same level after taking time off from your workouts, so don’t expect it. Secondly, Be Patient. You don’t want an irresponsible injury so to trust the strength and energy levels that your body is giving you today. Next, Set Strength-based Goals. In other words, focus on getting a little bit stronger each week. The next trainer tip is Remembering that you’re going to be sore. In order to recover faster, focus on warming up, proper hydration, and getting a good night’s rest. Lastly, Hire a Trainer. In other words, learn you to exercise for optimal health. This information will pay off. Good luck getting back at it, if you have any other fitness trainer tips you want answered please drop us a comment below!