Gym Machines: How to Use Them and Which Ones Should I Use?

What machines should I use at the gymWhen you’re just starting out, when you’ve just started visiting a gym, everything can be a mystery bigger than you ever could have imagined. You’ll come in, but you can very easily become overwhelmed with it all, not knowing where to begin at one of the gyms in Downtown San Diego.

How do I use equipment at the gym?”, “How should I work out?”, “How do I pack for my training session?”, and “How can I choose the best gym for my needs?” are just some of the questions all new gym goers face. In order to help you along the way, we will now answer questions concerning perhaps the most difficult aspect of working out – gym machines.

What machines should I use at the gym?

Choosing which machines to use at the gym usually depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, one machine is better for your biceps, while the other one works best for your triceps. You get the idea. However, we think it’s not the only way of looking at the problematic.

For people who are new to the whole concept of a gym, it might be better to know what machines are more beginner-friendly. That is why we’ve decided to advise you on which machines to use when you’re new, in order to make a proper entrance to the world of working out.

What machines should a gym beginner choose?

We know just how daunting and difficult it is to start exercising at a gym, so we’ve taken the time to give you some advice on which machines to start using when you’re new to the game.

    • The rowing machine – This machine is ideal for beginners because it requires simple movements, low impact, but provides great warm-up and excellent cardio for the beginning of your training session.
    • Chest press – Although it seems complicated, chest press is a simple enough machine to use, with little to go wrong. It will strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and chest, while providing a great introduction to the world of working with weights.
  • Lat pulldown – Similar to the chest press, you’ll be working with weights, but, again, it is all fairly simple. It will work wonders for your biceps, while remaining easy to use.

Just one last note – If you’re a beginner, and you don’t exactly know how each gym machine works, it’s not enough to just start using it. The San Diego Institute for Public Health strongly advises consulting professionals in order to avoid injuries. Gym staff and personal trainers are there to help, and you should always ask for assistance if you’re unsure about how a machine works.

What machines at the gym work your abs?

Who doesn’t like a six pack? It is the look many of us desire and the primary reason why many of us start frequenting a gym on a regular basis. We want the abs, we want them firm, and we want to flaunt them once we achieve them!

The wishes being as they are, we feel we are obligated to respond to one of the most frequent questions people ask when new to the gym experience. So, here are our top picks for abs strong as bricks.What machines at the gym work your abs

The sit up bench

Working out at a sit up bench is a great way to increase the strength of your abdominal muscles and improve the rate at which you gain muscles in your abs. The sit up bench allows for careful manipulation, letting you easily find the difficulty that suits your current form. However, consult gym staff before you use it, as improper use might place more stress on your lower back than it should.

The cable crossover machine

As for the cable crossover machine, it is one of those machines that is simple to use but easy to master. With so many different exercises you can do with this machine, it is easy to see why it is high up on our list of best machines to work out your abs with. Plus, you can easily tweak the resistance of the machine, customizing it per your wishes.

The ab wheel

We end with an item so simple it can barely be considered a machine, let alone provide fruitful workout for your abs. But you would be wrong to think so, as this tiny gym helper is one of the most important tools for building your abs. It will strengthen your core immensely, allowing for easier ab exercises. And, me wary, as it is a lot more difficult to perform reps than it looks.

Which gym machines are best for weight loss?

We’ve saved the most asked question for the very end. So many individuals begin working out in order to shed some weight. They want to lead healthier and happier lives, and losing excess weight is usually the first stage of the journey.

However, losing weight is not an easy task. Monitoring your intake, changing your eating habits, daily routines… Choosing gym equipment that hastens weight loss is only one of the cogs in of the mechanism. But, if you’ve reached that point, read on and see what the best weight-loss gym machines are.

Which gym machines are best for weight loss

The treadmill

Number one on our list, the machine every gym has, and the machine most-seen in movies, it’s the treadmill. They are great tools as they are simple to use, accommodate for all levels of fitness, and yield great results. We have one trick to share with you that will increase the treadmill calorie burn – don’t hold onto the side handles. Sound silly, but it works, as you’re supporting your entire body weight when your hands are on your sides.

The cycling bike

Again, a classic, cycling bikes are an amazing tool for cardio routines, and, you know what they say – strong cardio means strong weight loss. You can adjust the bike to fit your body measures perfectly, set the resistance according to your current level of physical fitness, and work your way up from there.

The stepmill

The last entry on our list is the most difficult machine on the list as well. Stepmills are notoriously difficult, even for the more experienced among gym goers, so we advise you to either work your way up to it, or consult gym staff before using it. Some describe it as a treadmill with stairs. It’s excellent when it comes to weight loss, but quite difficult too.

Now I know the equipment basics, what gym should I go to?

Well, it all depends on what results you want to achieve. If you want to aim for perfection, if you want the best gym in San Diego Downtown, then there really is only one option – Fit Athletic. No other gym can boast the staff and the equipment available at Fit Athletic. Simply put, we are the best gym in San Diego for all your working out needs, period.

So, next time you’re thinking of visiting Old Town, please do, it’s an amazing place. But, stop by at our gym on the way, and see for yourself just how great it is. Soak in the atmosphere, consult our professionals, and schedule a training session. You will not be disappointed.

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