Exercising in a Pool: Is It Good & Will I Lose Weight?

People who want to try out exercising in a swimming pool are usually full of questions. “Will it help me change my body shape?”; “What will I accomplish if I exercise like that every day?”; “will it allow me to get a toned body?”. And many more, in fact. 

Woah, hold your horses, we can’t answer all of it right away, but we can start by telling you just how good exercising regularly at one of the indoor swimming pools near Pacific Beach can be, and why.

Is working out in the pool good for you?

To keep it as short as possible, yes, working out in the pool is not only good for you, it’s an amazing workout through and through. In fact, some say that it’s even the best type of workout you can do, as all your muscles are constantly doing this or that while submerged in water.

Is working out in the pool good for you

Even simply going swimming for a couple of pool lengths can be more beneficial than you might think, especially if you mix up your swimming styles, thus activating all of your muscle groups. Even the San Diego Institute for Public Health agree on this.

Why is working out in the pool so good?

Let’s see why many consider water exercise to be one of the best types of workout.

  1. Low joint impact – Water provides buoyancy, which decreases stress on your joints.
  2. Water keeps you cool – If you work out hard, your body can overheat quite quickly, especially in the summer. When you exercise in a pool, there’s little to no chance of this happening.
  3. Water provides resistance – Aside from providing buoyancy, water also naturally resists your every movement because it’s thicker than air, making you work extra hard.
  4. Burning the calories – Because of the greater resistance, exercising in water burns calories more quickly.
  5. Water supports the body – When you exercise in water, you don’t have to worry about stressing your back or ligaments, especially if you’ve been experiencing some problems recently. 

How do you get a good swim workout?

Getting a good pool workout consists of many factors, the most important of which is your dedication for it. If you have that, we’ll have an easy enough time helping you with the rest. Let’s see about some of the best water training techniques, and about the advice for taking your swim workout to the next level.

What are some of the best swimming drills I could try?

There are many things you could do in water, but here are some of the most rewarding ones.

  1. Kick drills – Take a kickboard, and keep it in front of you, roughly at an arm’s length. Then, practice your kick drills. The best ones to do are flutter kicks, frog kicks, and butterfly kicks.
  2. Butterfly and breaststroke drills – Strikes where you use every single inch of your body are amazing exercise, and they improve both your speed and your endurance. To begin with, try to do 15-meter swims every 30 seconds.
  3. Water running – The other term for aqua jogging, this is an excellent technique for getting a cardio exercise of a high intensity without the impact of striking a hard surface.

How can I improve my swim workout?

Now you know the best exercises to do in water, but let’s see how you can elevate your game even further.

  1. Slow down and breathe – Don’t rush it! Slow down your strokes a bit, and focus on your breathing rhythm.
  2. Warm up – Don’t just jump into the pool and start stroking. Take some time to properly warm up before starting your swim session.
  3. Ask a professional – If you feel like you’ve been plateauing for some time, consult a professional swim coach for some tips on how to elevate your swimming.

Can you lose weight doing water exercise?

You definitely can lose weight doing water exercise, but perhaps not in the same way you would lose weight doing different types of “earthly” exercises. Working out in water tones your entire body , since water provides an environment where your every muscle is met with some level of resistance.

Can you lose weight doing water exercise

It is because of this fact, but also because of the fact that you’re not going to sweat in the water as you would when working out in a traditional environment that you might not notice the weight loss as quickly as you would otherwise.

However, this does not mean that working out in water will not lose pounds. It will, but in a different way. You will lose weight proportionately across your entire body, which will take some time to notice, as you will not see inches melt from, let’s say, just your belly. So, keep at it, and you’ll be amazed at just how much weight you can lose by doing water exercise.

“Where can I find the best indoor swimming pool in Pacific Beach?”

If you want to try out water exercising, you’ll need a good swimming pool to do so. And the best one in Pacific Beach can be found at Fit Athletic, a premium gym for all your workout needs. Fit Athletic employs the best staff, boasts the finest equipment, and has the perfect atmosphere for working out. If you want to prepare your body for the swimsuit season at Law Street Beach, pay us a visit!

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