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What Is a Workout Split and What Is the Best One for Me?

When you think of working out, the first thing that comes to mind is hitting the gym or signing up for fitness classes. However, most people do not know there are different ways to work out and make the most of your Fit Athletic Club membership.

Depending on your fitness level and personal objectives, fitness classes in San Diego provide different training programs or ‘splits’ you can follow to get the best results. A workout split is an organized routine that assigns other exercises to each day of the week.

At Fit Athletic Club, professional trainers know how you can reach your goals and use splits as a tool.

Optimal Fit Gym Lifestyle: What Is the Best Workout Split for Me?

The optimal workout split for beginners will have three-four workouts each week in which you train each major muscle group and one cardio session. While intermediates can handle slightly more training volume, advanced trainers should stick to strict one to two rest days on weekly workouts for adequate recovery.

How you organize your activities is up to you, but a general guideline is to hit each muscle group more than twice weekly.

Joining Classes: Splits for Beginners

If you’re new to working out, you’ll want to start with an introductory fitness program that targets each major muscle group. Don’t know where to start your fitness classes in San Diego? Consider Fit Athletic and join at any program location, including:

It will allow you to ease the process without feeling overwhelmed by an overly complex routine.

Typically, a beginner’s split will include three workouts per week: one for your upper body, one for your lower body, and one for your core. In addition, it’s wise to save cardio for a separate session to allow for more rest and recovery time. Finally, ask your trainer for a resistance training routine for the best results.

Keep Getting Fit San Diego: Splits for Intermediates

Intermediate exercisers can add more exercises and focus on improving specific areas. For example, if you’re still lacking in the upper-body department, you can add more push-up variations. Intermediates can also replace the core-specific session with a more general “core-stability”’ routine to work the entire midsection.

Getting to intermediate shows your commitment to the fit gym lifestyle. So congratulations, keep getting fit, San Diego fitness lovers.

Experienced Fit Gym Fanatics: Splits for Advanced Trainers

As you advance in your fitness journey, your main goal will be to increase your strength and lifting volume in upper and lower body splits. At this point, you’ll know what works best for your body and what you want to achieve.

A well-rounded advanced fitness program will include around four-six weekly workouts, each hitting one or more muscle groups.

Get Fit San Diego – Choose Your Best Beach Body Routine

Your best workout split depends on fitness level and personal goals. A beginner’s split will help you ease into the process and focus on building fitness. Intermediates can tailor their programs to target specific areas or improve strength. Advanced trainers can focus on increasing overall lifting volume and power.

Don’t wait any longer for the body of your dreams. Join programs at Fit Mission Beach, East Village, or Little Italy. At the Fit Athletic Club, meet with your professional trainer to guide you on your journey.

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