The Most Popular Yoga Styles Explained

If you’re fresh on the train to Yogaville, looking for great yoga classes in Solana Beach, maybe you should hold off wondering “Where can I find the best yoga classes near me?” and start off elsewhere. We are here to shed some light on what is probably the most strenuous decision every newcomer to this incredible exercise art form has to make – what style should I sail into?

Hatha yoga

So, we begin with the gentle styles, and hatha yoga is certainly the most yoga-cub friendly style there is. It consists of slow, precise changes in poses, and long pose holds. In Sanskrit, “hatha” refers to the teachings of physical posture. Although it doesn’t quite seem like it, hatha will certainly guide you through all the motions without you even realizing it. Excellent for beginners.

Vinyasa yoga

In direct contradiction to hatha, this fast-paced, vibrant and dynamic style of yoga will quickly take the breath out of the inexperienced with its dance-like, brisk routine. If you find yourself amongst vinyasa adepts, be prepared to listen to your own heart pump to this style’s rhythm. If you’re an energy-packed individual, just ask a fellow yogi “Hey, are there any vinyasa yoga classes near me?” and start yoging to the beat!

Iyengar yoga

Whoosh, got my heart racing just thinking about vinyasa, so let’s take it down a couple of notches. Iynegar is for the detail-oriented, the accurate, the rigorous self-correctors, the ultimate perfectionists. Grab your yoga accessories, and get your body into the most complex and interesting slow poses known to yoga. Each pose is held for an extended period of time, so it is great for rookies and experienced alike.

Ashtanga yoga

Flow like the water and breeze like the wind with ashtanga, the yoga style that is six carefully sequenced series of poses calmly cascading into one continuous stream of tranquility. Breathe deeply through it all to easily achieve a level of serenity of yoga masters. As every ashtanga class repeats the same postures, you can craft this style to perfection, shying away even the most dedicated of Shaolin monks.

Bikram yoga

If your idea of a good exercise is sweat, sweat, and more sweat. If you just don’t stop until you can no longer read the “Namaste” from your T-shirt, never finding the perfect answer to “What yoga classes near me can really make me swelter”, then look no further than bikram.

It is done in a 105 degree, 40% humidity room for ninety minutes, or until you’ve gone through the standard 26 positions. Just take it easy if you’re new to it, as it can be difficult even to those who have been practicing this yoga style a for a long time. Oh, and be scared, be very scared.

Kundalini yoga

With celebrities backing it up, kundalini enjoys a cult status among yoga initiates. We’ve all seen the coolest of individuals striking poses in parks around the world. And, if you would like to take our advice – it’s actually quite amazing!

Not only do you stretch your body with kundalini, you also stretch your mind and soul by singing, chanting, and meditating while performing various incredible poses. With this yoga style, you will break all your mental barriers, take a path to your spiritual self, and tap into the energy hiding deep within. Yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds!

Restorative yoga

The final piece of our “perfect yoga classes near me” quick help guide, we end with the most relaxing, simple, physically undemanding, mentally rewarding yoga style practiced in every yoga studio – restorative yoga.

Activate your parasympathetic part of the nervous system with this melancholic, mellow style which grants maximum physical and mental relaxation through minimum effort. Use props to support each of the poses, and find your center by freeing your mind. Ommm indeed.

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