All yoga classes at Fit East Village San Diego are geared towards helping you make a positive lifestyle change and living the life you want. Yoga boosts brain power and enables you to step back from the drama to come up with a plan for positive transformation.

Developing a sense of awareness of ourselves and the surroundings is at the core of yoga practice. Both meditation and the more physical aspects of San Diego yoga classes build self-awareness and teach us to live in (and enjoy) the present.

Yoga teaches us that we are the manifestation of the Divine, and as such, nurtures a healthy sense of self-worth. Also, yogis realize that the only competitor that really matters is themselves, and don’t measure their success against the success of others.

Yoga is proved to slow down the mental loops of anger, frustration, fear, and even regret, and thus reduce the psychological stress you’re under. Asanas and mediation all work to help you achieve peace of mind and mind-body balance.