By instilling a sense of self-appreciation and living in the moment, yoga makes you stronger to take the next step. The practice gives you peace of mind, confidence and strength of both body and mind to make a positive change for yourself and others.

Each of our Solana Beach yoga classes is the time for you to remember that the time to live is now. You don’t dream of a better tomorrow or regret the past; instead, you focus on being aware of the present moment and yourself in it, and learning how to enjoy it.

Yoga is all about learning to love and honor your body in a healthy and natural way. By doing something good for your body, you reward it for all the stress and anxiety it endures during the workday. You don’t compete with other yogis, but rather reward yourself with every asana.

Stress builds up in your muscles, leading to headaches and anxiety. Yoga helps to relieve the stress from your body, and also pressure from your mind by taking your through a series of controlled movements where you focus on deep breathing and balance.