‘Your Brain on Fit’ Mental Health Campaign

Fitness is more than the body– it’s the connection between mind, body, and soul. It’s essential to prioritize our mental health, which is why our ‘Your Brain on Fit’ campaign is set to raise awareness and highlight Mental Health Awareness month. We want to take a step towards prioritizing mental health not only this month but into our lifestyles for the long run.

Fit Athletic Club and Wellness

Fit Athletic Club is not only a luxury fitness club, we aim to inspire healthy and inspired living. As we know, this past year faced many challenges. Our lives were transformed in more ways than we expected and mental health was pushed to the forefront. It’s important to prioritize a healthy mind– studies show it drives monumental factors in life including maintaining good relationships, productivity, being physically healthy, coping with stress, and more.

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At Fit Athletic Club, we create an inclusive community that prioritizes inspired living and taking time to address mental health.

Simple Mental Health Improvements

From preventive stress management to scheduling workouts that you can look forward to, will instantly help you heal and improve your mental health. Try these simple steps to improve your wellbeing throughout the week:

Simple Mental Health

  • Schedule workouts that bring you joy– If you’re forcing yourself to complete workouts that don’t agree with your body, it contradicts the great mental benefits of exercise. Exercise boosts endorphins in your brain to stimulate happiness– you know, that “afterglow” effect after a workout that you love! If you’re unsure of what the best workout routine is right for you, we recommend scheduling a time with our Fit Personal Trainers to talk through and create an exercise plan that works for you.


  • Find your communityStudies show that being a part of a supportive community creates a better quality of life, including improved physical health factors! With this in mind, 2020 highlighted the importance of social relationships and community. Whether it’s an online community or surrounding yourself with like-minded people, a support system that encourages you to grow is essential. At Fit, we are a family of people who believe in full-body wellness and encourage each other on our health journies. One easy way to partake in our fitness community is our Group Fitness classes, with a wide variety of classes to choose from.


  • Stress management– Take time for relaxing activities that ground you. These calming actions physically make your body reduce muscle tension, blood pressure and slow your breathing to handle stress. Stretching, yoga, meditation, and saunas are easy ways to implement this into a daily routine. In fact, saunas are shown to help fight off depression, fatigue, anxiety, and appetite loss. All five of our Fit locations include premium saunas that are currently open.

Developing Long-Term Health and Wellness

Developing these simple strategies to improve mental health can result in long-lasting wellness. The goal for these tips and campaign is to create small improvements in our life to find long-term balance through wellness.

A large emphasis within the campaign is the importance of setting long-term goals that apply to you. For example, don’t just set a goal to “prioritize working out”, make it a priority to find movement every day that agrees with your body. Feel intuitive about how you want to eat and work out throughout the day to enjoy your wellness journey, as well as maintaining your hard-earned progress (instead of short-term diets).

Brain on Fit

Your Brain on Fit

Mental and physical health are linked. If one is off balance, the other can’t work as well. When both are in good health, you feel a stronger feeling of who you are that translates to all aspects of life.

At Fit Athletic Club, our goal is to achieve a balance between the two. Our gym and high-end amenities are here to help you keep your physical and mental health in check. Check out our saunas, Group Fitness, Certified Personal Trainers and get involved with our fitness community- we are here to promote your mental health long-term wellbeing!

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