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About Mission Brewery

Originally located less than a mile from the very hill where Friar Junipero Serra and his scurvyridden crew drove their stake into the ground, Mission Brewery was born in those heady first days of the 20th century.

And then prohibition shut it down. Reestablished in 2007, we are honored to say that four months and four beers in, Mission was awarded two national medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Fast forward to 2010 our plunder of precious beer medals has gown considerably. Three Gold, three Silver and two Bronze medals now fill our bounty. A dream come true for longtime diehard home brewers. From modest beginnings to a state of the art custom made brewery in the historic Wonderbread building just east of San Diego’s baseball stadium Petco Park at 1441 L. St on the corner of 14th and L Street. We are brewing beer and our tasting bar is now open to the public. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a pint while watching the beer you’re drinking being made just a few feet away.




Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson