Keep Fit With Yoga San Diego

Are you craving well-sculpted and toned muscles combined not only with more flexibility, stamina and endurance, but also body-mind balance? Taking up yoga in Fit San Diego may be just the thing you need!

As a go-to fitness center in East Village, San Diego, Fit Athletic Club offers unparalleled yoga classes as part of our all-inclusive offer! Not only are our yoga instructors qualified and experienced, we also provide a whole variety of different yoga classes for your specific needs and preferences!

All-Inclusive Yoga Fitness Experience

When you sign up for yoga classes with us, you get access to our gym facility, as well as amenities, including Fit Café, Massage Therapy, Playcare, Fit Perx and much more!

Our San Diego Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Core

    Create the perfect body, mind and abs at our 30-minute yoga core flow sessions.

  • Vinyasa

    This class flows from pose to pose to work the entire body and raise heart rate.

  • Hot Vinyasa

    Feel the heat in our challenging Vinyasa class in a room heated between 85 and 95 degrees.

  • Power Vinyasa

    This is an exciting class where you learn more challenging poses and push your body to new levels.

  • Vinyasa Mixed

    Get rejuvenated with a yoga flow from Ashtanga to Hatha to Vinyasa, boost flexibility, balance and endurance.

  • Hot Yoga

    Focus on maintaining challenging balance postures in a room heated to 85-90 degrees.

  • Yoga 101

    This is a Hatha class for students who want to intensely deepen their yoga practice.

  • Guided Meditation

    Enter the state of relaxation and healing reflection with step-by-step meditation techniques.

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Your Body Loves Yoga

There are so many physical benefits of yoga that we simply cannot cover them all! Whatever yoga class you take up in our Fit East Village, San Diego fitness studio, you will experience the same core benefits of traditional yoga. You can also choose to focus on specific bodily feats or muscle groups, and take your pick from our varied selection of yoga classes!

  • Healthy Spine

    Did you know that your spine needs nutrients to stay healthy, just like the rest of your body does? The spine gets the nutrients through movement, and yoga supplies the right amount of backbends, forward bends and twists to keep your spine healthy.

  • Strong Immune System

    If you practice yoga at the best yoga San Diego studio, you will soon discover an improvement in your overall well-being. Coming in and out of different postures in yoga sessions increases the drainage of lymph, by which toxic cell waste and cancerous cells are destroyed.

  • Toned & Flexible Muscles

    If you thought yoga isn’t challenging, you’ve never tried Power Vinyasa at Fit East Village San Diego. And the best thing about “yoga bodybuilding”? It builds muscle strength along with flexibility, not at the expense of flexibility.

  • Improved Heart Rate

    Complementing your fitness regime with regular yoga practice gets your heart into aerobic range. Why is this important? Because it lowers the risk of heart attack and boosts oxygen intake. This is especially true for aerobic yoga classes like Vinyasa, which you can explore at Fit East Village San Diego!

Your Mind Loves Yoga

You don’t have to go to an ashram in India to enjoy all the psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga. We’ve created a spiritual oasis in East Village, San Diego. Fit boasts yoga instructors who specialize in Guided Meditation, Behavioral Change, Total Mind Body and Spirit Focus, Lifestyle Modification, and more!

  • Cope With Stress

    Yoga is proved to slow down the mental loops of anger, frustration, fear, and even regret, and thus reduce the psychological stress you’re under. Asanas and mediation all work to help you achieve peace of mind and mind-body balance.

  • Improve Self-esteem

    Yoga teaches us that we are the manifestation of the Divine, and as such, nurtures a healthy sense of self-worth. Also, yogis realize that the only competitor that really matters is themselves, and don’t measure their success against the success of others.

  • Build Self-awareness

    Developing a sense of awareness of ourselves and the surroundings is at the core of yoga practice. Both meditation and the more physical aspects of San Diego yoga classes build self-awareness and teach us to live in (and enjoy) the present.

  • Encourage Positive Change

    All yoga classes at Fit East Village San Diego are geared towards helping you make a positive lifestyle change and living the life you want. Yoga boosts brain power and enables you to step back from the drama to come up with a plan for positive transformation.

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