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As one of the go-to Solana Beach yoga studios, Fit Solana Beach offers a variety of yoga classes for both beginner and experienced yogis. We envision our yoga classes as safe and welcoming places where you can deepen your yoga practice and build core endurance and flexibility with each deep breath.

We boast a team of qualified and experienced yoga trainers, who are here to guide your through the yoga practice of your choice. Let’s discover the wonders of yoga together!

All-Inclusive Yoga Solana Beach Experience

Enjoy all the benefits of our all-inclusive yoga offer! Sign up for yoga at Fit Solana Beach, and get to use the gym facility and various amenities like Massage Therapy, Fit Café, Playcare, and more!

Our Solana Beach Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Sculpt

    Increase the intensity of your yoga workout – add free weights when doing different poses and sculpt your muscles into perfection at Fit Solana Beach Yoga Sculpt.

  • Ashtanga Yoga

    This class will take you through a sequence of postures that are linked through deep breaths and movement. Regulate the flow of energy and build flexibility and stamina.

  • Vinyasa Mixed

    This class will rejuvenate you as you flow from Ashtanga to Hatha to Vinyasa, and practice asanas like sun salutation, balancing poses, core isolation, and more.

  • Yoga 101

    These classes are for everyone who wants to go back to basics and get a better understanding of Hatha, so that they can deepen their yoga practice.

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Yoga is Great for Your Body

Fit Solana Beach yoga classes are excellent for everyone that wants to sculpt their body, build strong and flexible muscles, all the while enjoying the core benefits of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Take your pick from our selection yoga classes and see the wonders they can do for your body.

  • Strong Core

    A healthy spine is the core of any healthy body. By flowing through the variety of poses, you will learn how to keep balance and improve your posture, making sure your spine grows and stays strong to support your whole body.

  • Improved Immunity

    Each and every of our yoga Solana Beach classes are designed with your whole-body wellbeing in mind. The classes focus on movement that enhances drainage of lymph; in turn, this cleanses your cells of toxic waste, and builds you a strong immune system.

  • Viral Muscles

    Fit Solana Beach boasts Yoga Sculpt, a class specifically designed to build muscle tone. Whatever class you choose, you will experience an increase in stamina combined with flexibility, which is one of the core benefits of yoga.

  • Healthy Heart

    Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. By getting it into aerobic range with yoga classes, your heart gets more oxygen, which keeps you safe from heart disease and guarantees more oxygen for the whole body.

Yoga is Great for Your Mind

You don’t have to do traditional meditation to achieve serenity and peace of mind. In the best yoga Solana Beach studios like Fit Athletic, the instructors show you how intense workout and flow of movement are linked to deep relieving breaths. By relaxing your body, your mind is at ease, as well.

  • Stress Relief

    Stress builds up in your muscles, leading to headaches and anxiety. Yoga helps to relieve the stress from your body, and also pressure from your mind by taking your through a series of controlled movements where you focus on deep breathing and balance.

  • Sense of Self-worth

    Yoga is all about learning to love and honor your body in a healthy and natural way. By doing something good for your body, you reward it for all the stress and anxiety it endures during the workday. You don’t compete with other yogis, but rather reward yourself with every asana.

  • Being Present

    Each of our Solana Beach yoga classes is the time for you to remember that the time to live is now. You don’t dream of a better tomorrow or regret the past; instead, you focus on being aware of the present moment and yourself in it, and learning how to enjoy it.

  • Healthier Lifestyle

    By instilling a sense of self-appreciation and living in the moment, yoga makes you stronger to take the next step. The practice gives you peace of mind, confidence and strength of both body and mind to make a positive change for yourself and others.

Fontayne Sisson

Fontayne Sisson