Fit Corporate Wellness

Happy & Healthy Employees do the heavy lifting. Corporate Wellness at Fit Athletic Club offers businesses the opportunity to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthening both workforce and bottom line.

Fit Corporate Wellness Program
  • Wellness Programs

    Results driven programs tailored to your organization’s lifestyle.

  • Personalized Design

    Creating inspiring, functional and efficient classes based on the top fitness practices.

  • Onsite Innovation

    Delivering indispensable services and management in an on-site fitness center, recreation and spa.

  • Employee Statistics

    Utilization reports of progress to measure each of your employee’s success.

Just A Few Corporate Success Stories

What you need to know.

Many executives see corporate wellness as an expensive and optional perk to employment, but numerous reputable studies have confirmed that it saves employers substantial health care costs over time.

Why Fit?

None of our wellness programs are exactly alike, because no two companies are exactly alike. By tailoring the program specifically to each corporate client, we can optimize their results — whether their goals are employee health, increased productivity, better boardroom discussions, or all of the above.


  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Lowers medical claims & workers’ compensation cost
  • Enhances employee productivity & performance
  • Improves employee morale & corporate image
  • Better employee recruitment & retention
  • Reduces incidence of many preventable injuries & diseases

Fit Impact

  • CRES

    Fit Corp Wellness was one of the best benefits we added to our employee benefits in quite some time. We have seen a huge difference in company morale and individual employee motivation. The team building avenue this has provided also exceeded our expectations. Employees that barely talked to each other in years are now communicating openly and collaborating regularly which was surprising and exciting!

    I have been training with Fit Trainer, Kiel Todd, and have seen and FELT more progress in the past 8 weeks than I have in the past two years on my own. He pushes me to work hard in a way that is not overbearing. He explains workouts in a manner that is very easy to understand and provides plenty of visual examples. Just an overall good “bedside manner.” Many people, including myself, can feel insecure when you start training with a stranger, but he puts you at ease right away. Highly recommend.

    Fit Corp Wellness was our top choice because it had the BEST value. Pricing was fair and competitive, especially when considering everything that is provided in the corporate program. Sign up was also seamless and very simple for the company and all of the individual employees. Plus, Fit Management was promptly responsive and professional during the whole process which is important to us.

  • Red Door Interactive

    Fit is in our building and were able to craft a program that fit our company’s goals. We could do it as a private group so that we could share in the experience together and people didn’t have to be a member; it was appropriate for different fitness levels; it fit within the lunch hour; and it was measured — something core to our business as a data-driven marketing agency.

    Anything we do that fosters teamwork outside the office brings the teamwork back into the office. When you have people from different teams and departments who come together, it fosters unique communication that you can’t get in any other way. Ideas are shared and people are just generally more comfortable and in tune with one another.

Success Stories

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