What Is the Perfect Time to Start Taking Swimming Lessons?

There is a pristine beauty to swimming, primal even, being on your own in water, stroking your way through its reflective surface, leaving a rippling mark with each movement. A beauty too often lost to those who’ve put off learning to swim for far too long.

But is it really lost? Can it ever be past the perfect time to start swimming lessons? We think not. The earlier the better, as swimming is excellent exercise, but it is never late to get your feet wet at swim lessons at a gym in Mission Beach.

When to start swim lessons?

when to start swim lessons

When it comes to the perfect time to actually begin swimming lessons, we cannot give you a single, definite answer. Why? Because there are two distinct groups of people looking for swimming lessons. One group is kids, and the other adults. And that is how we’re going to answer this question.

When is the right time for my child to start swim lessons?

When it comes to children, it does seem that it can never be to early from them to learn to swim. As soon as your child starts walking and grabbing, stop at the nearest gym with a pool in it, and work out an arrangement with a swimming instructor.

But, it is wrong to think so. It is usually best to wait a couple of years, ideally to the age of four or five, for your child to begin taking his or her first lessons. The reason is twofold – your child may be unwilling to separate from you long enough to attend a gym lesson at an earlier age, and he or she may still be at a phase of development when it’s too early to start doing a more serious kind of physical activity.

Wait a couple of years, consult swimming instructors at Mission Beach, and only after that start looking for the best place for your child to learn to swim. Don’t rush it.

When is the right time for an adult to start swim lessons?

Luckily, the answer to the question is a lot easier for adults than for children. As soon as you develop a desire to learn to swim, do it. Don’t wait, as there is no reason to. Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid, take the plunge and it will be worth it. Find a good instructor and swim on. Don’t worry, it’s never too late, you haven’t missed your train to Swimville.

What is the earliest you can start swim lessons?

We’ve touched upon this matter briefly, but let’s take a more detailed look into what is the earliest age for your or your child to start taking swimming lessons.

What is the earliest for children to start swim lessons?

When it comes to children, it all pretty much boils down to our previous statement of the perfect age for children to start swim lessons being four or five years. Simply put, that is the age when most children are in best developmental stage for swimming lessons, and California Department of Public Health does not advise an earlier start.

However, that is only for formal swimming lessons. Nobody’s saying anything about your child splattering about in the bathtub with you trying to instill the first nuggets of swimming wisdom. But for actual, instructor-led swimming lessons, best wait until your child is, at least, four years old.

How many lessons to learn to swim?

Honestly, we can’t say. It’s an individual matter, and that’s all there is to it. While children to learn to swim relatively quickly, it is a different story for adults. The rule of thumb says that children only need just a couple of lessons to actually learn to swim, with subsequent lessons dealing with swimming properly, while, when it comes to adults, nobody can really say.

how many lessons to learn to swim

Many adults have, by not learning to swim when they were young, developed a fear of water and swimming. And no person can actually learn to swim until he or she has beaten that fear. And, as far as saying how long that will take… We just don’t know. But we do have a single piece of advice – try not to be afraid, and don’t give up. It’s a lot safer and a lot easier than you might think it is.

“OK, I want to learn to swim beside my kid, but where can I do so?”

If it’s swimming lessons you’re looking for, no matter if it’s for you or your child, Fit Athletic in Mission Beach is the best place around. If you’ve ever walked the Mission Beach Boardwalk, looking lustfully at the ocean, yearning to take a swim, don’t despair any longer. Swimming instructors at Fit Athletic are seasoned professionals, and the pool we offer is adapted to fit everyone’s needs. Swim lessons at our gym in Mission Beach are a safe bet.

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