A Beginner’s Guide to Your First Spin Class

We all like to ride our bikes outside every once in a while but if you want a fast fitness boost that will transform your riding and your body, a spin studio in Solana Beach is just what you’re looking for. Spinning classes are all the rage right now and for a good reason. As a high-intensity workout, they will get you in shape in no time.

If you have been practicing yoga or you prefer low-impact workouts and now opt for this intense fitness fix but have never done spinning before, don’t be intimidated. Just remember that everybody has been a beginner once. With these tips, you’ll find out what to expect and see that spinning is not at all as scary as you may think. Read on and get ready for your first class!

Do I need special footwear for spinning?

Although you could wear your regular gym sneakers because there will be cages to keep your feet on the pedal, it’s best to equip yourself with a pair of cycling shoes. They have hard soles and will clip right into the pedals, making each stroke and your entire ride more efficient and smoother.

When you wear cycling shoes, you don’t just hammer down with your quadriceps; your feet are stabilized and all your leg muscles and glutes are engaged. Because your muscles are sharing the work, you will achieve greater muscle balance and avoid fatigue.

Do I need to adjust the bike?

The height of your seat is important. You’d want to adjust it to get adequate knee extension. Watch out not set you seat too high. You should be able to reach the bottom of the pedals with flat feet and slightly bent knees.

The same goes for the handlebars. The main goal here is to keep your shoulders away from the ears by not setting the handlebars too high but also not too low to avoid shoulder and back pain. You should also find the adequate distance between your handlebars and saddle.

Be sure to arrive at your first spin class in Solana Beach 15 minutes early so you have plenty of time to talk with your instructor and let him help you find the right setting for your height.

Can I take breaks?

Keep in mind that you can always spin at your own pace, especially when you are just getting started. Don’t disregard the signals your body is sending you. Your instructor is there to encourage and push you but when it comes to personal limits and fitness level, everybody is different. There is no shame in slowing down or stopping to catch your breath and lower your heart rate.

For this reason, take your time to choose from the studios nearby when signing up for your first spin class in Solana Beach. A dedicated spinning instructor will be able to give you great cues throughout your class about pace and form. Just follow the instructions and do your best. The rest will come in time.

Are all spinning classes the same?

Although each class is different, one thing is for sure, you will get a killer workout no matter what so be prepared to sweat (wear moisture-wicking clothes with good breathability)! After a warm-up, you can expect different paces, including sprints, climbs, and muscle isolations with intermittent lower-resistance.

There’s engaging and dynamic music to keep you moving and motivated throughout the entire class. Thus, you are about to have fun spinning and feel great afterward.

Choose fun and effective spinning classes in Solana Beach

Eager to start blasting up to 400 calories per class and get fit fast? Fit Athletic is here to help! If you live in Solana Beach or anywhere in San Diego, reach out to one of the premier fitness and health centers in the area!

Fit Athletic boasts high-end facilities and skilled fitness trainers and spinning instructors with extensive experience that will guide you through the workout and help you reach your fitness goals. Head to your first of many spinning classes you will love. It’s time to burn some calories and build strong, lean muscles!


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