Is There More to Yoga than Stretching?

What exactly is yoga about? Is yoga all about stretching, or is there more to it than that? Yes, you can definitely stretch through yoga, and there are many yoga stretches you can do to reap many benefits, as long as you stretch safely and slowly

But, yoga’s definitely not just about that. There are many aspects of yoga that are less frequently discussed, but just as important. If you go to yoga classes in Mission Beach, San Diego, you’ll do more than just stretch. Let’s see what that “more” actually is. 

What is stretch yoga?

You know how there are various yoga styles that many yogis around the world do on a daily basis? Well, stretch yoga is not an official style of yoga, per se, but rather a “New World” invention designed to gather either reluctant yogis, or people who are looking for something really gentle.

So yes, one aspect of stretch yoga is that it’s very gentle. So gentle, in fact, that even the San Diego Institute for Public Health could recommend it. However, there’s another aspect of stretch yoga that is so obvious, but, also, that needs to be discussed.

And that’s stretching. Yeah, we’ve already said it’s obvious. Stretch yoga is designed specifically for gently stretching all of the most frequently used muscle groups of your body. It’s great for absolute beginners, senior citizens, or anybody else who’s looking for a gentle stretch.

But, what makes this type of yoga? Well, the trick with stretch yoga is that it takes you through a series of poses that have stretching in mind. This means that you’ll actually be doing mellow stretches through a series of easy yoga positions. Sounds good, right?

Is yoga all about stretching?

No, yoga is about much more than stretching. While stretching, as we think about it, does make up for a big part of yoga, there’s so much more to it that comparing yoga to stretching could be considered without tact. 

Now, we could go on and on about just how different from stretching yoga actually is, but we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going to present you with a couple of the most important differences between yoga and stretching, and see what you think of it.Is yoga all about stretching

  1. Positions – The positions you do when practicing yoga are a lot more complicated than basic stretches. In fact, some of the positions take years to master and do them properly. 
  2. Breathing – A big part of yoga is also focused, slow breathing. In fact, some say that breathing is the most important part of yoga. 
  3. Muscles – While yoga does involve a lot of stretching, many of the yoga poses are such that they actively work your muscles, helping them become stronger and leaner. 
  4. Meditation – Yes, yoga does come with some meditative benefits as well. Yoga helps you clear your mind, focus your thoughts, and cleanse your worries. 
  5. Instruction – Finally, while you can do stretches pretty much alone, doing serious yoga requires the help of certified and experienced instructors.

So, as you can see, although the foundation of yoga is, to an extent, stretching, there are so many other elements to yoga that make it completely unique and definitely worth trying out. 

“I’m eager to try doing yoga at classes in Mission Beach, San Diego!”

So, yoga’s starting to sound pretty good to you, right? Yeah, it should, it’s great! However, it’s only great if you have the best people showing you how to do it. That is where we come into play. Fit is the finest place for yoga in Mission Beach.

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