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Fit Athletic Blog - Food for a Flat Belly

5 Crucial Food Tips for a Flat Belly

Intra-abdominal adipose tissue, also known as belly fat, is not only viewed as unpleasing aesthetically but also has a direct affect on the organs of the guttural region, slowing their function and wreaking havoc on

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Fit Athletic Blog - Workout Slump

Beat the Post Summer Workout Slump

As summer comes to an end, you may find yourself losing your drive to keep coming to the gym and maintaining your workouts. However, it’s important you keep your motivation moving all the way to

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Fit Athletic Blog - Workout Clothes

How to be Fashionably Fit

Listen up you fitness fashionistas, it’s not just about looking good. Well, ok it is! We’ve come a long way with our workout apparel since spandex, leg warmers, and psychedelic leotards. A very long way.

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Fit Athletic Blog - Shopping Healthy Food

The Worst Enemies of Fat Metabolism

To help our bodies metabolize fat properly, we need to make a list of the worst enemies of fat metabolism. So, what are they?   Artificial Sweeteners.   To avoid overloading your body with toxins,

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Fit Athletic Blog - Reformer Pilates

Transform Your Life with Reformer Pilates

What’s the story behind Reformer Pilates? The reformer came about at the end of WW1. The method creator Joeseph Pilates was interned in England with other German Nationals. During his internment, Pilates rigged springs to

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Fit Athletic Blog - Healthy Eating

Nutrition in Raw vs. Cooked Food

Without a doubt, my favorite part of a healthy and fit lifestyle is the EATING! But when it comes to eating nutritious, real food, one topic that often comes up is: which is better, raw

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Fit Athletic Blog - Woman Spring Time Health

Spring Into a New Mindset

Welcome everyone to what is now spring time. For some that hopefully means spring cleaning, as in “out with the clutter” (you know that pile of magazines in the corner, old bills you meant to

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