4 Powerful Reasons ALL Women Should Lift Weights

Thanks in part to the increase in fitness education via social media, the topic of weight lifting for women has become less taboo over the years (finally!). However, there are still many women out there who are hesitant to lift heavy weights out of fear of gaining mass and “getting too buff”.

Let’s set things straight – in order to get that extremely muscular look, a woman has to intentionally TRY to put on size through highly specific supplementation and meal plans (take it from an ex-cardio bunny turned bikini competitor). Many women are surprised to learn that instead of turning their bodies into “Hulk” status, adding weight lifting to their regular workout routine gets them to the coveted “lean & athletic look” much faster.

It’s been exciting seeing an increase in women pumping iron at the gym these days, and I invite you to give it a shot. Need more convincing? Here are four reasons why I believe all women should lift:

1. Lifting keeps workouts interesting.

Do you often find yourself shuffling away on the treadmill or elliptical for what seems like hours at a time, staring at the clock and waiting for it all to end? Lifting can help make the gym grind a lot less mundane. While you can always try to “switch up” your cardio, there are endless ways to change up your training when weight lifting is incorporated. Techniques such as super setting & circuit training not only prevent boredom, but also help you break through those frustrating fitness plateaus.

2. Lifting boosts confidence.

Walking into the gym and crushing every rep on your workout plan has a way of creating confidence that spills over into life outside the gym. The self-esteem bump continues once you begin noticing the positive changes happening to your physique. While the physical changes are amazing, it’s once you start hitting personal records and seeing the weight you’re pushing increase that the feeling of being strong and unstoppable really happen.

3. Lifting builds strong bones.

Muscle development is usually at the forefront of one’s mind when it comes to resistance training, so the bone building benefits of weight lifting are often forgotten, but are a big plus. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, one in two women will break a bone in their lifetime due to the silent disease that causes weakened bones. While there isn’t a cure, doing regular weight-bearing exercises is one of five recommended steps women can take to help prevent it.

4. Lifting gets you fit fast.

Most mainstream fitness magazines and media use words like “tone,” which influence women to believe that low weight/high rep is the best way to train for swimsuit season. In reality, many women get better results more quickly by picking up heavier weights at the gym. Again, heavy weights do not cause bulky gains, but rather help a women develop strong curves & lean muscle — the perfect combo to rock any tank top or dress with conviction!

Whether you’re stuck in a fitness rut or just wanting to feel good inside and out, there’s no better time than now to step away from the treadmill and start pumping iron. I’ll see you in the weight room, ladies!


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